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Super Adventure Island II

Following on from Super Adventure Island, in this game Master Higgins, along with his wife Tina, are stricken by a storm while on their honeymoon. Both of them end up separated by the storm, and Master Higgins wakes up to find out that he does not ..

Gate Of Thunder

This disc will be one of the pack in games on the 3-in-1 disc with the Turbo Duo or will be available for the regular Turbo CD with the new system card.

Military Madness

Military Madness is an advanced strategy war simulation set on the surface of the moon.

Bonk 3

Get a load of this Bonk! It's Bonk 3 from Hudson/T.T.I. on the Duo.

Lords Of Thunder

Lords of Thunder used to be one of my favorite shooters on the Turbo.

Battle Lode Runner

Lode Runner has delighted players for years. Many versions have come out, all based on the adventures of a man who is trying to collect treasures.

Pocket Bomberman

Pocket Bomberman is a good game to have for the Game Boy Color

Gameboy Bomberman (Poket Bomberman)

Bombs away! The ultimate party game goes portable with this all-new cart.

Planet Dob

Planet Dob is another little discovery we made while perusing the show floors of the Tokyo Game Show.

World Sports Competition

Attention all sports fans! T.T.I. has got a cart for you!


A brand new RPG for your Turbo is on its way!

Bonk's Revenge

The big butt-head is back, and he isn't taking any crap. Bonk makes a gallant return to everybody's favorite Game Boy.

Bomberman GB 2

You don't need me to write about this do you?

Starship Hector

Now, the Earth is a devastated planet overrun by gruesome Bio-Mechanical creatures.

J.J. And Jeff

This is the most exciting case yet for that daring detective duo, J J. and Jeff.

Soldier Blade

Soldier Blade is the newest member of the Super Star Soldier series.


In the world of handheld gaming, there are two types of games: the Pokemons and the Poke-nots.