Dungeon Explorer

a game by Hudson Soft
Platform: PC Engine
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Dungeon Explorer
Dungeon Explorer
Dungeon Explorer
Dungeon Explorer

The King of Oddesia needs your help! The sacred ORA stone, holding the power to life, light, and happiness, is lost deep within the ancient dungeons. Become a mysterious adventurer through a strange and ancient land while you search far and wide for the magical lost treasure.

Your quest takes you deep into an underground labyrinth of dark, dank dungeons, filled with nightmare creatures too horrible to imagine. Even worse, the evil alien king, Natas. is also searching for the stone. He promises-death to anyone who tries to stop him.

There's Safety in Numbers

Venture alone or better yet. take along up to four companions with you on your gallant quest. All you need is the TurboGrafx-16 Turbo-Tap and enough controller pads for everyone! Each player can choose to become one of eight different characters with different magic and weapons. You'll face the dungeons much more bravely when you have a thief, a fighter, a warlock, a witch, a bard, a bishop, an elf, or a gnome on your side.

Begin Your Quest

When you and your companions are ready to venture forth, you'll begin your search for the precious ORA stone by battling through over a dozen different game levels including villages, dungeons, and castles.

In villages, remember to talk to the townspeople in the buildings. They'll often give you important information that helps you on your quest-secret information you can't continue without.

When you enter the dungeons monsters immediately spring to the attack. Globes on the floors generate the monsters, so destroy these as quickly as possible before you're overrun with ghouls. Evil beasts you'll battle include such creepy dungeon denizens as the Metallic Slime, Skeletal Knights, Mudmen, Evil Knights, and the Enchantresses. Sometimes, when you destroy a monster, you'll get valuable special items or potions that increase your White or Black Magic.

Beating Back Beasties

Defeating monsters takes a combination of weapons and niagic. Each character has unique weapons. For instance, th'e'Fighter has a special sword and the Witch uses Gleam Force to defeat her enemies. Each character also has special White and Black Magic abilities. White Magic is protective. For example, the Warlock uses White Magic called Stunner that temporarily stops the enemy from moving. Black Magic is used to attack. The Bishop uses the Black Magic called Vaporizer to randomly zap different enemies. .

Use the special items you collect to increase your defensive and attack abilities. For example, the . Boots of Ability raise your quickwittedness and the Reflector acts as a wall to deflect enemy shots away from you.


As in all adventure titles,.you ve got to complete certain stepsln order to advance to the next levels. In Dungeon Explorers, youve.gotto. defeat the different Mini-Bosses to get through doors leading you to different areas. Don't forget to grab the crystals the mini-bosses leave behind when you defeat them. They'll increase-your maximum hit points and build up your strength! in-one of the four abilities.


  • You'll only have the ability to use these items until you die. If you lose a life, they're gone!
  • To get across the bridge you'll have to deteat at least four MiniBosses-Bullbeast, Gutworm, Grimrose, and Catakiller. Defeat them, and the bridge is repaired. By the way, you'll find Tiger and Alexis on the other side of the repaired bridge!
  • Battle Matas by heading to the upper right or left sides ol the screen and shooting him in the head. You might also try a little Black Magic.
  • Princess Aki has a lun password. You've got to save the imprisoned Princess from evil Grimrose's prison. First, defeat Grimrose. He's a giant rose bush who tires little insects at you. Hide from the insects by running to the top right hand corner. Then, tire your weapon repeatedly at Grimrose until you wipe out all of his rose bud heads. Next, reenter the prison. You'll notice that the Princess has escaped from her chamber. Walk to the entrance of the chamber and you'll get a password: JBBDIJ-HDCOG. This lets you continue your game from this point...but now as the Princess! She's a stronger character!

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Although the NEC TurboGrafx-16 has enormous potential, it's still in search of its first great game. Blazing Lazers comes close, but an even better candidate may be Dungeon Explorer.

Not that it's a uniquely original game. Set in a fantasy kingdom, Dungeon Explorer takes you through a series of adventures as you try to save the world. You fight, cast spells, and converse with other characters. In other words, Dungeon Explorer is a solid fantasy adventure, and only those who like such games will enjoy it at all.

But the game has several enjoyable features. First, you can play one of eight different character types, each with different abilities. As a fighter, you'll be adept at combat but less accomplished with magic. As an elf, you'll be fast, deft with magic, and physically weak. Other character classes include witch, warlock, thief, bishop, gnome, and bard. (There's actually a ninth character type, but it's available only if you play the game well.)

Using the TurboTap accessory, you can play Dungeon Explorer with as many as four other players. Each player takes the role of a different character, and the group moves as a party through the castles and dungeons.

Another strength of Dungeon Explorer is its password feature. At each major checkpoint in the quest the screen displays a new password. If you enter this password the next time you start the game, your character will begin at the corresponding level. This means you don't have to slog your way through the obstacles all over again.

Dungeon Explorer is graphically attractive and its magic system is slick and effective. There are 13 levels to fight through, and at the end of each level is a deadly, difficult foe. You must defeat each enemy before you can continue your quest.

Dungeon Explorer is fun and addictive. Although it probably doesn't take advantage of half of the TurboGrafx's capabilities, it's still a very welcome game.

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