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Sega Genesis


Exile Game
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  • Crusader of Centy
    Crusader of Centy Crusader of Centy is a great action RPG and any one that loves RPG's is strongly urged to give this game a try.
  • Secret of Mana
    Secret of Mana Secret of Mana is an action role-playing game, featuring real-time hack-and-slash type of a combat.
Exile is a hybrid action/role-playing game. Travel and exploration occurs in the traditional overhead view of RPGs, while the battles and dungeons are side-scrolling mazes, gain experience and levels, buy equipment, and use magic.
Sega Genesis

Vapor Trail

Vapor Trail Game
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The game features 2 players controlling the jet fighters simultaneously for battle across numerous levels. There are 3 types of jets varying from different classes of speeds and firepower.
Sega Genesis


Gaiares Game
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  • Gradius III
    Gradius III It is a scrolling shooter arcade game. The player returns as the role of the pilot of the Vic Viper starfighter to...
  • Strike Gunner: S.T.G.
    Strike Gunner: S.T.G. Try your high flying, military skills with Strike, a series game that is a multi-directional shooters style, shown...
Gaiares (pronounced Guy-R-S) is a Japanese style side-scrolling space shooter released in 1990.
Sega Genesis

Valis 3

Valis 3 Game
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  • Alisia Dragoon
    Alisia Dragoon Fantasy-themed arcade game in which you play a beautiful babe who's quite proficient in the art of magic.
  • Kendo Rage
    Kendo Rage Quite fun and addictive fighting game.
You are Yuko Ahso, a student in the Human World, called to fulfill your destiny in the Dreamland. Your mission is to wield the Sword of Valis to defend Dreamland against attack from the Dark King Glames.

Arrow Flash

Arrow Flash is a side-scrolling space shooter. You control a female spaceship pilot who is sent on a mission into deep space to save the Earth from an assault by an evil dragon from another galaxy.
Sega Genesis

Super Valis IV

It is a video game platformer and the final release of the Mugen Senshi Valis series in North America. Unlike its predecessors, it wasn't released on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in any form

Doomsday Warrior

Pretty cool fighting game.


In Traysia, you control a young man named Roy, who lives in the town Johanna. His girlfriend Traysia gives him a pendant, to remind him of her… will Roy be able to escape from all the dangers that await him on his long journey and to see Traysia ag..
Sega Genesis

Valis - The Fantasm Soldier

The universe represented in Valis is comprised of three primary worlds: the Human World, The Dream World of Valia and the Dark World of King Rogles.
Sega Genesis

Grand Slam Tennis

A 1-player knockout game in which the aim is to progress through a series of increasingly difficult matches against a variety of opponents.
Sega Genesis

Beast Warrior

Beast Warrior is an isometric Street Fighter clone featuring monsters, aliens, cyborgs, and demons.
Sega Genesis

Jantei Monogatari

Jantei Monogatari is a Board game, developed by ATLUS and published by Telenet Japan, which was released in Japan in 1991.
Sega Genesis

Jennifer Capriati Tennis

You can also create your own superstar. In addition to this, the game can be played be either one or two players.
Sega Genesis

Beast Wrestler

Beast Wrestler is an isometric Street Fighter clone featuring monsters, aliens, cyborgs, and demons.
Sega Genesis

Minato no Toreijia

Young Roy is left by his uncle at the gates of the mysterious Kingdom of Salon. "I will see you again at Johanna, and I expect you to be a strong, grown-up man by then!" Thus begins an adventure of a lifetime as Roy seeks his destiny as a fortune h..
Sega Genesis