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a game by Batterystaple Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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After the underwhelming performance of Mighty Number 9, the Megaman inspired Kickstarter. You would be forgiven for writing off any game that dared to revive the series, even in an unconventional way. However, that would be a shame, as 30XX has managed to come together as a roguelike meets action platformer masterclass that sounds like nonsense on paper, but in action, is a very enjoyable experience indeed.

This game plays like older Megaman titles as we mentioned. However, this game also has roguelike aspects that make it play similarly to the likes of Rogue Legacy, Hades, The Binding of Issac and Spelunky. This game aims to offer an experience like no other, but is this experience worth your time and money. We aim to find out in our review of 30XX.

Random yet Structured

30XX manages to offer an experience that combines the tight controls, platforming and combat we associate with the MegaMan series. However, through some ingenious design, the game offers an RNG fuelled experience that means that every playthrough will be somewhat different than the last. There is still a loose structure to the game. However, the player will encounter different levels at different points in their run, these areas will be scaled to their level, of course. Then, as the levels progress, you’ll begin to gain access to powerups and augmentations that will help you deal with the challenges that await you later down the line. It’s an incredible setup and all pundits must go to the developers on this occasion. This is no easy task and they have crafted an impeccable roguelike platformer with grace and aplomb.

Buddies Welcome

Another aspect of this game that sets it apart from the roguelikes out there today is the ability to play alongside a pal. The game offers a co-op option where the player can either play as the Megaman style character. Or alternatively, the player can turn out as the Zero inspired character who trades a blaster for a blade. Each character is available in single-player but its the two contrasting playstyles of each character that make this game so compelling to play with a partner. Then we turn our attention to the boss battles. These are just about the only sections that aren’t randomly generated and serve as a real test of your nerve and skill in battle. Combine this with the variety of hard to navigate platforming sections and you have a game with a series of moving parts, all culminating to offer a truly excellent overall experience.

The Verdict

Overall, 30XX is the new age Megaman game we deserved all those years ago. The combat is familiar yet fresh. The level design is brilliant and unpredictable. The platforming is tricky but rewarding and the upgrade system allows for a constant challenge throughout that is firm but fair.


The bosses are challenging, the visuals are stunning, the game is co-op friendly and the game doesn’t outstay its welcome with just six stages to clear. This one is a truly fantastic roguelike unlike any other and fans of these games or the Megaman series need to give this a blast.


  • Unique gameplay format
  • Challenging battles and platforming sections
  • Tight controls
  • Aesthetically pleasing art style


  • The game may be too difficult for some
  • The upgrading UI is clunky and time consuming

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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