Bee 52

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a game by Camerica
Genre: Flying
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6.3/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Bee 52
Bee 52
Bee 52
Bee 52

Bee 52 is a side scrolling game for NES.


The player controls Bee 52, a honeybee with large eyes and a fly-like sucker for a mouth, through which it can spit projectiles at enemies. The game is played through 12 levels, the first four in a backyard, the next four in a swamp, and the last four inside a house. There are traps and enemies added for each level, from ants, grasshoppers, and even dragonflies and "venus flytraps" in the later levels. The player must find and collect from many flowers scattered all over the sidescrolling level and return to the hive after three flowers are visited to add honey to the jar. The level is complete when the jar is full, in the case of levels 3-12, this requires every flower to be visited.


Bee 52 is a flying side scroller. The bee is maneuvered by the control pad up down left and right over enemies, and through holes. The player can shoot at enemies straight ahead with the A button, or use the B button to sting enemies from above. Bee 52 can find add ons such as a super stinger with a longer reach, or more powerful projectiles either by killing a special lightning bug whose appearance is random, or visiting certain secret holes. There is also a small insect called Junior that, when found, will orbit Bee 52 indefinitely. If the bee is struck, Junior will be sacrificed rather than losing a life. Without Junior, a single hit will kill Bee 52, and lose all weapons found.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • NES - Camerica
  • Theme: Shooter
  • Available: 1992
  • No. of Levels: 24

Bee-52 is an original in the shooter realm. You control a humble little bee whose only purpose in life is to collect honey to please the Queen Bee. It might seem simple enough, but there are plenty of obstacles to stop you. Grasshoppers, ants and hornets are a constant threat to your precious honey supply. Occasionally you may collect a power-up or two to push back your attackers. Collect your honey and please the Queen.

People say:


Okay, I'll give this game the award for most interesting premise, but peel away the theme and you've basically got a game with some unique overtones but no real excitement. The graphics aren't anything to boast of and I just couldn't find enough action to satisfy my palette. Younger kids might go for it though.


While the game is definitely not for the hard core player, the younger crowd will have a blast with it. It is one of a vanishing breed of games that is just pure clean fun. The graphics leave a lot to be desired but the control and game play are right on the money. If the game offered more variety it could have been a real hit.


Bee 52 is rather simple in game play but fun to play nonetheless. The graphics, while not very detailed, are cute and should appeal to younger players. The game play is unique and getting back to the hive with honey is a challenge in the later levels. The game is very repetitive and gets old rather quickly.


Bee 52 is about the cutest game out this month. Where else can you become a bee searching for the next nectar nest, challenging the call of the wild bug world? Unlike boring shooters (as the title suggests), Bee 52 has more technique involved. Searching for honey, fending off ants and other pests. Chillin'!

Camerica has just come up with a fantastic new idea, and that is to have you take on the roll of a worker bee for your community hive and protect it from intruding insects and other buggers!

Bee 52 is set up in a shooter fashion. You are able to move either direction across the gardens, swamps, lakes, or whatever else you may discover while trying to find pollen and make honey.

By spitting out a substance, you can attack creatures, or you can fly over them and suddenly come down with a powerful sting attack!

You can also collect power-ups that provide you a three way shot, super rapid fire, bombs (yes, that's right), or a little bee-buddy that helps you out! Now, buzz off and go get that honey!

Oh Honey!

In order to please your queen, you must secure all of the honey that the nest can sustain until the next time you need to go out for more. To get honey, you need to fly into the flowers and collect pollen. After every three flowers you visit, you must return to your home base.

Stinging Weapons

At the beginning of the game, you have a choice of where to go, either the front door, or the back door. It will determine where you have to return.

There are particular areas that you can search that contain power-ups and other useful items. However, not all of them will contain things that you need.

Life's looking less than sweet for the Really Nice Honey distributor. All worker bees are injured, except for one, Bee 52. With just one ablewinged worker left and lots of nectar to collect, it's time to get busy.

ProTip: Take caution when flying at full speed. Spiders drop out of the sky very suddenly.

You'll have a blast donning the wings of this unlikely hero. Buzz your way through this fun and unusual side-scrolling shooting adventure by Camerica. It's you (or you and a friend) against the insect world, and you've only got three lives to cover a vast graphically bright terrain. There are a total of 24 stages, which take Bee 52 through an extensive garden, a swamp, and a house. The task is to collect nectar and return it to the hive.

Camerica's done an impressive job recreating insect "beehavior". Bee 52's capable of darting quickly in either direction, as well as hovering in a staggered slow-motion style.

A nasty stinger and a talent for spitting help Bee 52 defend against ambushes by dozens of garden variety pests, including grasshoppers, spiders, and swamp bugs.

By shooting down Pickup Carriers and collecting strategically placed icons, Bee 52 increases his fire and sting power, gains temporary invincibility, and more.

It may not be fast and frenzied, but this handsome shoot-em-up really delivers when it comes to graphics and game control. Overall, Bee 52 provides a fun, middle-of-the-hive challenge, which should give gamers a decent gaming buzz.

When caught in a spider web, launch into a sting attack while wortdng your way down the web.

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