Captain Quazar

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a game by 3DO, and Cyclone Studios
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, 3DO
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 5 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Captain Quazar
Captain Quazar
Captain Quazar
Captain Quazar

As Sales Of The 3do Console continue to dive quicker than a German striker in the penalty box, so The 3do Company look to new horizons. Hence Captain Quasar, a conversion of the popular (among those who like it) shoot 'em up appears on our monitors.

The story's the usual kind of thing -mega-powerful villains are intent on taking over the entire galaxy and rather than send out the space-based version of a swat team, the powers that be decide to send just one man to stop them, Captain Quasar, lantern-jawed hero of many an adventure. So nothing new there, then.

It's a classic. Not

And the game's pretty much the same. Remember those classic arcade games of yore (ie. 1992)? The ones where you (and sometimes a partner) wander around a top-down, vaguely isometric playing area, armed with stupidly large guns, blowing away everything in sight? Fun at 5op a time but not something you'd want to spend upwards of 30 quid on. Well, it's that sort of thing here, too. You're sent into one of a series of Cworlds' with a couple of objectives -which are almost always CBlow up x number of things' - and from there on in your finger's rarely off the fire buttons.

Only trouble is there's very little challenge, and what's there is for the wrong reasons. For one thing, it's stupidly difficult. Now, I know arcade games like this aren't supposed to be completed in a few hours, but when you shoot a bad guy you'd expect him to die wouldn't you? Well, apparently Captain Quasar's programmers think differently. It takes about 20 shots to kill just one opponent in some places, and when you consider that you start with an ammo clip of only 50 and the bad guys are all randomly generated and just keep coming no matter what, it doesn't take long before you're out of ammo and out of luck.

Most games in this genre usually provide the player with one basic gun that has unlimited ammo (the explanation usually being that it's an energy weapon and runs off ever-lasting batteries). This at least gives the player a fighting chance until he can get his hands on a power-up.

Nothing good about it?

Let me tell you about the Cflip side' to Captain Quasar. The intro sequence and subsequent cut-scenes. They're brilliant. Absolutely fantastic. I don't think I've seen a funnier title sequence since Z's head-banging robots. And this continues throughout. Every animation is a joy to behold and funnier than a lot of Cproper' cartoons. The Captain's heroic laugh, his Popeye-style mumbling, the rapping droids (funnier than it sounds). It's just such a shame that the actual game so spectacularly fails to live up to its presentation.

Of course, coming directly from the 3DO you'd expect this sort of thing. That console's strength was in its ability to play fmv and most of its games utilised this aspect to the full. Even so, quality comedy is a rare enough thing in any game these days and I just wish it hadn't been wasted on this particular game.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Captain Quazar is a hot new action title developed exclusively for the 3DO by the hotshots at Studio 3DO. This could be the character that will be to the 3DO what Sonic and Mario were to the Genesis and Super NES.

Captain Quazar is a cosmic cop who must stop a dastardly crime syndicate from gaining control over the galaxy.

This CD will take the 3DO to new heights. There hasn't been a great action game on the system since Gex, so this title should breathe more life into your system.

Things are viewed from a 3/4 perspective, giving you a panoramic shot of the the action. The graphics are colorful and cartoon-like.

Captain Quazar looks to be a top-notch action game. It's loaded with all sorts of wacky power-ups. The Cap will need all the help he can get. Hopefully we'll be getting more on this cool CD. Captain Quazar is the hero of the future.

Although we didn't get to see the final version of this game until we jLl received the boxed copy (usually an indication that a game isn't that f « great), we haven't put it down yet. Captain Quazar is a fun-filled romp through 12 levels jam-packed with enemies, explosions, and puzzles.

You have to track down and arrest four intergalactic criminals while also rescuing slaves, blowing up refineries, and escorting hostages to safety. It's like Greenpeace with an attitude...and weapons!

The weaponry includes a shotgun, a super shotgun, grenades, missiles, and ray guns. You get help along the way from power-ups like health, shields, and door passes.

Captain Quazar plays like a Sunday-comics version of Loaded, but don't let that stop you from enjoying one of the best action games on the 3DO. The captain is in charge!


Cartoony but fast, Captain Quazar delivers punchy humor with its graphics. Giant explosions and variations in lighting in the cavern levels are among the highlights.


He music is better than Return Fire's symphonic overtures. Explosions are crystal clear, bullets ricochet off walls, and even Quazar's expressions of "duh" are lifelike.


You must get used to the eight-way directional shooting before you can really have any fun. One significant glitch: Sometimes Quazar gets completely stuck behind objects.

Fun Factor

Captain Quazar is all fun and plenty tough. Huge areas, brutal enemies, and great humor make it worth every penny. Now how about this game on a more popular system?

There's terror in the galaxy. Intergalactic pirates, evil space creatures and renegade robots are making life hard for the peaceful citizens of the cosmos. Enter Captain Quazar, a lean, mean law enforcement machine with the unenviable job of cleaning up all the scum in the deadliest quadrants of the universe. Studio 3DO's new game is an all-out carnage fest, full of devilishly difficult levels and cryptic puzzles with an extra helping of mind-bendingly cool with a great sense of humor. Imagine a souped-up, tricked-out update of the old Atari game Berserk in a vibrant cartoon-like world with huge levels to explore, bigger and better guns, and a cool-as-Fonzie isometric view. It's like playing Gunstar Heroes in 3-D! There are nine levels, over three worlds and tons of hidden places to discover in Captain Quazar.

The game begins on the surface of the Desert Planet then moves on to the humid environs of a Jungle World, and ends up on a hellish bit of real estate known as Lava World before you move on to the final space battle with Ox, the most evil man alive. It sounds small until you realize that each level is equivalent to more than 400 TV screens!!!

In addition to its sheer size, Captain Quazar has a ton of features to tickle your fancy. Have a friend come over and play Quazar's buddy Lt. Pulsar and together take on the forces of the crime lords. Or play in the competitive mode and blow the other guy to vapor. You've got a huge gun, missiles, and grenades at your disposal and both characters have special combat moves to more efficiently annihilate the enemy. Like any good action game, you'll be able to find loads of power-ups to assist you in your mission, including speed boots, invisibility and night vision goggles, among other goodies.

He gets his own rap song, a rapid-fire personal cannon, and the cosmic okay to lay waste to everything in sight. At first look, Studio 3DO's cartoony Captain Quazar resembles a rabid Rambo with a tin star. Sounds like fun!

A mission-based action game for two players, Captain Quazar takes place across three worlds (eight levels) run by three crime lords. Quazar's job is to clean up the worlds and capture the bosses. Humorous cinemas intercut the missions, which range from dusting enemy buildings and freeing hostages to a showdown with Ox, the final boss. Cartoony, offbeat music and sound effects lighten the game's approach. A two-player competitive mode doubles the fun.

Those of you who are looking fora fun. addictive, lively action game...loolf no further. Captain Quazar 13 all that.

This game definitely breathes life into the 3DO platform with the great animation. music and control.

Captain Quazar published by Studio 3DO is terrific. The graphics, sound and animation are top-notch. The programmers spent a lot of time with the details.

In Captain Quazar the gamer plays as none other than Captain Quazar himself attempting to stop the three evil crime lords by going through enemy henchmen, completing each of the three world's objectives and defeating each crime Boss.

Captain Quaaar is an action game in the truest sense, making look like Bambi. Equipped with missile launchers, grenades, machine guns and much more. Captain Quasar must battle his way to reach his mission objectives. The death animation sequences of the enemies vary depending on the level and the weapon used to kill them.

A missile in the Desert Level turns their bodies to ashes (except for the eyes) and a grenade in the Jungle will burn the enemy to a crisp.

The music composed for the game definitely adds a fun cartoony feel. The fast-paced music In the Desert Level, complete with "Yee-haws!" and gun shots sure add a kooky atmosphere to the game.

Although the game may seem like all you have to do Is destroy everything In your path with a heavy arsenal, you're mistaken. Using quick reflexes and a lot of patience, traverse through scalding steam rising from vents, speeding nine carts (a la Frogger). lava floats and electrified floors.

In order for a player to become the least bit successful in Captain Quazar, there must be some basic strategy involved, because it is not just a game where demolition prevails (although it is kind of fun blowing everything to pieces).

Follow some of these simple techniques'to help you get further in the game: Demolish as much as possible (and stay alive). Although you must complete your main objectives earns reward money for every enemy killed and building destroyed. Use that money to slock up on spatial equipment like speed boots, regenerating armor, etc.

Keep looking for power-ups. Quasar can go through all his ammo and health in the blink of an eye so keep on looking for ammo and health. When low on health and ammo, avoid an all-out brawl with enemies. Attempt to find power-ups by blowing up crates and buildings.

To earn a free life, collection diamond-shaped sparkles that are randomly generated then enemies are killed.

Bottom line: Gamers who are looking for something fresh, fun and loads of demolition to add to their gaming library, Captain Quazar is the game.

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