Cartoon Network Racing

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a game by Cartoon Network
Platform: Playstation 2 (2006)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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Cartoon Network Racing
Cartoon Network Racing
Cartoon Network Racing
Cartoon Network Racing

Cartoon Network Racing is a racing game of the popular cartoon company with a third-person view, where characters from children's cartoon series will drive funny cars. The game features such characters as: Cool Girls, Courage, Cow and Chicken, Weasel Jam, Dexter or Johnny Bravo, Ben Ten.


A very common way developers make games is to take everyone's favorite characters, put them in cars, or arm them and make them fight among themselves. Despite the secondary nature of the idea, the familiar cartoon faces grab the attention of fans. In the case of Cartoon Network Racing, it did. It's a shame that the developers didn't offer any story.


Funny cartoons roll around on funny maps and shoot colored rockets at each other. Important skills for the user: be able to cope with the control of the car and be accurate to shoot your opponent. To get ahead is not difficult - you just need courage and dexterity. In addition to missiles there are more bonuses. Pick up mines in special boxes and throw them out on dangerous sections of the road, so that the inattentive opponent is blown up and fall behind. It's impossible to escape from the missiles mentioned above. The charge catches up with the enemy anyway. In addition, there is also a magnetic field that helps to slow down the racer that has overtaken you. Miraculous energy doesn't allow your opponent to speed up too much, which gives you a chance to get the advantage back in your hands. Peppers give you a chance to accelerate enough to take first place. Again, the gameplay doesn't allow you to feel the speed, there's not much of an experience.


There are several modes that are open to the player. Choose the one you like:

  • Championship
  • Race against the clock
  • Challenge

Championship gives you the opportunity to get to the supertournament through four regular tournaments. Each tournament is made up of several races. An individual race gives a certain number of points based on where the rider finishes. Get to the top of the table. After winning a tournament, the game unlocks a cartoon for the player and invites him to the next stage.

Race for time allows you to start the competition without too much foreplay. Choose your favorite driver and weapon to start the race. You'll have to choose from the already unlocked ones. Here you can also play in pairs: one player will drive the vehicle, and the other will sit behind the gun and shoot.


Challenge will allow you to play with other players on a split screen. For many users this is excruciating, but there are fans of such. Friends at the same keyboard staring at the same screen. Sounds like a great idea for a fun night out.

A total of sixteen colorful maps are available that are packed with shortcuts. Shortcuts will allow you to reach the finish line faster, taking less time to drive. Race leaders always use stealth, use it and you! Familiar locations for cartoon fans will be on Cartoon Network Racing's list of locations, such as Dexter and Townsville Labs. It is worth a little scolding about the architecture of the tracks - the roads are poorly thought out, it is a little unclear where to go and on sharp turns the speed is significantly reduced. Such factors get in the way of enjoyment. In general, if you come to this game for the adrenaline - relax, it won't be here. There will be rather a cheerful atmosphere and nostalgia.


Cartoon Network Racing is a good racer for kids and parents, friends and parties. Harmless cartoons driving around in cars and everyone loves it! We recommend The Powerpuff Girls: Paint the Townsville Green and CN Superstar Soccer.

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Playstation 2

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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