Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

Download Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge and experience the gripping expansion to the classic RTS game! Defend your base, outsmart your enemies, and thwart Yuri's sinister plans. Engage in tactical warfare and save the world now!
a game by Electronic Arts, and Westwood
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 300 votes
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Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge
Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge
Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

If you try and say Command and Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge 10 times really fast you are in big trouble! In all seriousness, this expansion to the awesome Red Alert 2 is a must-play for anyone who enjoyed the base game. It may sound kind of crazy, but for me, this is actually better than the default Red Alert 2!

Yuri Is Back

As the name suggests that crazy mind-controlling SOB Yuri is back and once again, he wants to take over the world, and this time his methods are even more extreme. I feel that these days people do not realize just how epic this series was with its storytelling and for me this is the very peak of it. It is a “military” story, but Command and Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge has psychic powers, time travel, and other sci-fi elements in here as well.

The presentation in the game at the time was very impressive. Even now, all these years later I think that this is a game that is easy on the eyes. The story unfolds very well and the cut scenes as is the case with the other games in the series are all very well done.

Two Campaigns Are Great, But Three Would Have Been Sweet!

This game is pretty stacked when it comes to single-player content. You have two campaigns to play through and they both have a ton of missions for you to get through. I really enjoyed how different the Allies and the Soviet stories were. The stories were very different, but the units and the way the game unfolds, in general, is very unique.

My only real criticism here is that I feel there should have been a third campaign where you could play as Yuri and control his forces. You can control Yuri in the multiplayer mode and it is pretty awesome, but I think being able to play the story from his point of view would have been pretty cool.

Strategy At Its Best

The gameplay has had a few changes over the standard Red Alert 2. I would say that Command and Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge is overall a better game than the base game. You have to gather resources and manage your units. What is cool, is that you have to really keep on top of your units and there is a very decent selection of them.

While there is a lot of strategy in this game, I feel that it is more fast-paced and action packed than many other strategy games that are out there. It is the kind of game that is easy to get into, but a real challenge to master.


I had a great time going back and playing this game. While I feel it is better than Red Alert 2. I must say that you need to play that before jumping into Command and Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge as the story continues on from the base game. Yuri is a great character the best antagonist in the series in my opinion. Without a doubt, you do not want to pass on this one!


  • The story is fantastic
  • Two campaigns to play and enjoy
  • The presentation is very slick
  • The gameplay is deep, exciting and a lot of fun
  • Yuri is an amazing villain


  • I wish that Yuri had a campaign
  • It set the bar for what followed very high

Download Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge is an expansion pack to a series that originally came out in the mid-90s. The expansion adds tons of new features to the game, and provides a ton of new content that makes a great game even more fun.

The game expands on a previous expansion—Red Alert 2. In Red Alert 2, the setting is a war in the not-too-distant future. The game is full of humor, and doesn’t seem to care very much whether it is accurate at all. An example of this is mind-controlled squids from the Soviets or weapons that literally erase other soldiers.

Yuri’s Revenge continues this tendency towards silliness with a new faction lead by a person named Yuri. In the expansion you get two new campaigns, one for each side of the war, and 7 new missions. New Units are also featured, including a unit that fires faster and faster the longer it is on the field, but is easily destroyed. There’s also a mind-control unit similar to the squids. These units belong to Yuri (whose perspective is not playable) but the Soviets and Allies get new units too.

More Team Members

Besides several hours of new content, the game also improves some features of the game in new ways. The game was already multiplayer, but the new expansion allows you to play with 6 players instead of just 4. Improvements were also made in matching, so you can expect long term value from this expansion pack.

Well Worth the Purchase

There have been a lot of expansions to Command & Conquer since its inception in the 90s. Red Alert and Red Alert 2 both added to the game in some way, and you can expect the same humor and creativity in this latest expansion. Each time Command & Conquer expands it not only adds content, but improves features so that the whole game is improved.

Unit Balancing Critical

A common theme throughout this series is that Unit Balancing is important. While Yuri’s Revenge is different from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 in the fact that you’ll need to focus on long range units instead of up close combat, the need to keep your units balanced is still the same.

If you tip too much in favor of long range weapons Yuri’s troops will still be able to defeat you, while if you only get close up combat units the mind-control units on Yuri’s side will quickly take them over. You’ll have to pay attention and provide a balanced field in order to win.


If you enjoy the Over-the-Top style of Command & Conquer, you will love this expansion pack. It provides more of the same theme while also improving the overall playability of the game. Look forward to an even stronger multiplayer experience, tons of new missions, and new units to tackle on both sides. This is a great expansion for Command & Conquer fans.


  • Lots of improved features
  • Several hours of new content


  • None


Yuri is back! The fearsome Russian psychic, one of the masterminds behind the Soviet attack in the original Red Alert 2, has developed a new technology known as the Psychic Dominator. With this device he plans to control the minds of every man, woman and child on Earth. Wielding fearsome new weapons and soldiers, he's taken his own secret army and built them into a devastating attack force, based on psychic ability and cloning technology. Play as either the Allied or Soviet commander as you attempt to defeat Yuri and keep your enemy from turning the tide of battle.

Yuri's Revenge is an expansion pack for the original Red Alert 2, and in the tradition of the original, it shines in all its campy glory. Set in a fictional future where the Soviet Union has launched a surprise attack on the United States, Yuri's Revenge picks up just hours after the original Red Alert 2 ended. Thrust into yet another pivotal battle to decide the fate of the world, you'll be able to see another chapter in the Command & Conquer universe, driven by a host of new missions and just as much FMV as the first game.

Gameplay, Controls, Interface

Red Alert 2 is a traditional RTS title, with a 3rd person overhead perspective view that lets you control units across a large map. With bases on either side capable of producing new modules that expand their capabilities, along with the soldiers and vehicles that you use to staff your army, there's a wide range of attack and defense strategies to choose from. Keeping pace with the design standards of the original Red Alert 2, the new units (Yuri's forces included) don't unbalance the game and keep it moving at the same previously established blistering speed.

Each base is built around your MCV, or Mobile Construction Vehicle. It deploys into a large construction yard that you can use to construct your base. Energy is provided by simple power plants, and you can produce soldiers and vehicles with a Barracks and War Factory. Yuri's Revenge adds new construction options in the form of the Allied Robot Control Center and the Soviet Industrial Plant. The Robot Control Center allows you to deploy Robotic Tanks, immune to the psychic mind control of Yuri's forces, while the Industrial Plant reduces the cost of Soviet vehicles and speeds their production.

In addition to the normal Allied and Soviet forces, for multiplayer games you'll get access to Yuri's army, which specializes in strange technology and psychic ability. The basic unit, called the Initiate, is a psychic trooper that uses pyrokinetic abilities to incinerate enemy troops. One of your advanced structures is called the Genetic Mutator, which targets your opponent's soldiers and mutates them into Brutes, powerful antitank soldiers that have more in common with the Incredible Hulk than the soldiers they used to be.

Multiplayer Support

With the same multiplayer capabilities as Red Alert 2, all that Yuri's Revenge does for you is to add a third combatant, Yuri's Forces, and a few extra units for the Allies and the Soviets.


Always an unfortunate element of Westwood's Command & Conquer games, the graphics in Red Alert 2 are very similar. I'm not discounting the fact that Red Alert 2 has excellent graphics for a game of its quality, with detailed 2D models and fully rendered in 16-bit color. However, Yuri's Revenge only adds a few new units' worth of graphics, all in the same style they've always been presented. The technology that handles those graphics has improved, but the style is just the same.


Fortunately for our sense of continuity, each of the actors from Red Alert 2 has been brought back for the expansion pack, and you'll get to hear them during the game (and see them during the cutscenes). Once again the new units have been given a distinctive character, from the grizzled voice of the Guardian GI to the disturbing attitude of all the Yuri units.

System Requirements

PC CD-ROM, Windows 95/98/NT 6.0/2000/Millennium, PII 266 or better, 64 MB RAM, 2 MB Video RAM, 16 bit color, 4X CD-ROM drive, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse, Direct Sound compliant sound card, 200 MB additional hard drive space, 3D hardware acceleration (optional).

Bottom Line

A good expansion pack, Yuri's Revenge builds on the design strengths of Red Alert 2 and preserves the same 'high balance' present in the first game. Westwood keeps the game at a reasonable level, a little bit tougher to beat than the first game and obviously designed for a player familiar with Red Alert 2, but with a learning curve that won't outpace you as you learn the new units. At the same cost as most expansion packs, this one gives you enough to be entertained but doesn't leave you thinking you just wasted a bit of cash on features that should've been included in the first game.

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