Cruis'n World

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a game by Midway
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64
Editor Rating: 6.2/10, based on 6 reviews, 7 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Cruis'n World
Cruis'n World
Cruis'n World

As one of the early N64 titles released, Cruis'n USA sold phenomenally well--over a million copies, in fact--despite complaints from gamers (and press) that the game was censored a bit from the arcade version. Now, the sequel is well into development (it's being handled by Eurocom, the folks behind Duke Nukem 64), and it's on schedule for a june release (and uncensored, too!).

The biggest improvement Cruis'n World offers over the first game is the ability to travel through different parts of the world. But even more unique to the N64 version (as opposed to the arcade version) is the inclusion of the new Championship Mode, which features all-new tracks that weren't in the arcade game. Other improvements over the original include tighter control, smoother animation, the ability to drift (which adds a ton to the gameplay) and Rumble Pak capability. In addition, up to four players can race at once on a split-screen.

Fans of the original will surely want to check out Cruis'n World. Our only complaint is that there's still a TON of pop-up on the tracks, but again, this was still an early version of the game. Hopefully Eurocom will be able to clean things up a bit before the final release, because Cruis'n World looks like it could be a nice improvement over Cruis'n USA.

  • MANUFACTURER - Eurocom
  • THEME - Racing

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Nintendo 64

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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These Cruis'n games should be reviewed in a special category: The cheesy, anti-sim arcade category. Cruis'n World is the kind of racing game you pull out when you gotta play a Mnon-gamer." Maybe your dad, or an uncle or your pastor. It's so damn simple and cartoonlike a chimp could master it. Now is that a bad thing? Only if you're expecting a fancy sim like Formula One or NASCAR 99 or something. Otherwise it is what it is-a simple, no-frills arcade racing game. Normally I shun such fare but I found myself getting excited over this one. It's a whole new game--any similarities to the original Cruis'n are merely cosmetic. Believe me, I wouldn't get into any racing game that used the old Cruis'n USA engine. The frame-rate is really good and the speed simulation is better than a lot of N64 racing games currently on the market. Four-player is kind of slow, but not terrible. A lot of different cars are available, including a three wheeled Cushman and a couple ATVs. On the road they all perform about the same, so it doesn't really matter what you drive. Overall what I really like is the racing gameplay. It's just challenging enough to keep your attention. My biggest complaint, however, is the cheap, predictable opponent Al. They'll nudge you out in the last few yards of a race a lot. NO FAIR! Otherwise, it's OK.


Cruis'n World outperforms the decidedly lame original in nearly every way. The control, graphics and frame-rate are all much improved (but sorry, sickos--you still can't run down the animals). I especially like the wheelies, flips and other stunts you can pull off to leap over multicar pileups. Arcade Mode is too easy, but at least this time you get a challenging Championship Mode to keep up your interest for a while.


The Cruis'n games aren't about technique or excitement--they are about good of-fashion arcade racing. Unfortunately, those two ingredients are just what this game needs. You know the game is lacking in technique if you can win races without ever letting go of the gas button (even on expert stages). And you know the excitement is non-existent when even four-player games draw yawns from the participants. Nice-looking, dull-playing.


Cruis'n World is far from being my favorite N64 racer, but I have to admit, I like it a heck of a tot more than I did the original. The graphics are nicer (and a lot smoother), the music is actually tolerable this time, and the Championship Mode makes for a nice addition to the game. The control is tight, too. My biggest complaint is that the 4P Mode (which is also very smooth, by the way) isn't nearly as exciting as it should be.

If you've ever been jealous of Jeremy Clarkson's globetrotting exploits, now you too can travel the world and drive fast cars. And you don't even have to wear jeans six sizes too small. You do, unfortunately, still have to listen to bad rock music, but you can't have everything.

Cruis'n World is the sequel to Cruis'n USA, which should make people fearful right from the off. Remember Cruis'n USA? The driving game that bore as much resemblance to real-life racing as urine does to champagne? The bad news is that Cruis'n World not only follows in the family tradition, but is, if anything, even worse than its predecessor!

Okay, maybe that's not possible. But Cruis'n World is as bad as its predecessor, and since the original game is getting on for two years old, that's even less good than it sounds.


At first glance, things don't look too terrible. The visuals and colours are, even in the PAL game, sharp and intense, with a decent amount of detail. They move at quite a reasonable clip too. Once things start moving, though, it instantly becomes clear that a few sacrifices have been made in order to keep the speed up. Trees, buildings, entire canyons beam into view before your very eyes about three car lengths ahead of your motor.

Unlike the first game, Cruis'n World has a four-player mode, which manages to just about maintain full speed at the cost of even more scenery. Merely having a four-player game isn't enough, though - it needs to be exciting as well, and Cruis'n World doesn't deliver. Once the race is under way, jostling for position has all the thrills of trying to get into the fastest queue at McDonalds.

The single-player game isn't going to make your ventricles burst with excitement either. In the arcade-style 'Cruise The World' mode you have unlimited mini-turbos, fired by a double tap of the A button, which give you a tiny increase in speed at the cost of accurate steering. Fire a couple at the start to get ahead of the pack, and from then on it's just a matter of obstructing anyone who tries to overtake.

The new game has the same faults as the old - crashes are infuriating predetermined animations that often have no connection to the event that caused them, getting down a track is (like Off Road Challenge last issue) just a matter of jamming the stick left or right on the turns, and the music is still terrible.

Cruis'n World stinks like a dead dog on a dungheap. The scary thing is that Nintendo, noted worldwide for the high quality of its games, allowed its name to be attached to it. Are they mad? On the other hand, Cruis'n USA was a million-seller in the States despite being lamer than a duck with no legs. As PT Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute," and every one of them will probably rush out and buy this game. Don't follow their example.

Sequel to Cruis'n USA, which despite being made two years later is just as bad as the original. Nintendo, sort yourselves out!

Slightly better than the first one, but you'll probably still need some cheats to get something out of one of Nintendo's less accomplished titles.

Two wheeler: If you double tap A while holding left or right, you can take your vehicle onto two wheels. This can be a useful and fast way to take corners.

Power boost: Double tap A quickly while racing to do a wheelie and speed up a bit.

Secret cars: You have to earn your extra cars in Cruis'n World, oh yes. Beat the following tracks in the following times to win the following cars. Following, yes.

Why Nintendo chose to put their name to this appalling sequel to one of the N64's worst games is a mystery of Area 51 proportions.

Get more than 20 points on championship mode and you can change the colour of your car with the L and R buttons.

Coming straight from the arcade, Cruis'n World is Nintendo's next installment of racing for the N64. If Cruis'n USA wasn't enough for you, World might just deliver what the first Cruis'n didn't. Completely translated from the arcade version, Cruis'n World offers 14 new tracks and a variety of new vehicles to drive. You can also perform wheelies, drive sideways on two wheels, and bust out a "drift" move that will enable you to cut your car tighter around corners. No doubt these screens show off some great graphics, but will the gameplay skid and lose control like the original?

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