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a game by Tequila Works
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Deadlight is an creepy sidescrolling adventure game, taking place in the 1980s during a zombie apocalypse. Arriving in Seattle, a man named Randall Wayne searches for signs of his missing daughter and wife. With rumors of a nearby safe zone that provides shelter from the zombie horde, Randall and other survivors set out into the dangerous city. By mixing intense chase sequences, environmental puzzles, and stressful encounters with zombies, Deadlight provides an exhilarating horror experience with a strong story. While the linear nature of the game might disappoint some players, Deadlight is a worthy title for fans of zombies and suspense.

Main Game Features

  • Sidescrolling zombie action
  • Emotional post-apocalyptic story
  • Tactical combat and puzzle-solving


In Deadlight, you play as Randall Wayne, a gruff and hardened survivor in the zombie apocalypse. The game is set approximately six months after the start of the apocalypse, with the world descending into chaos as humans are eaten and turned into flesh-hungry beasts. After being separated from his family, Randall spends every waking moment trying to track them down, leading him to the western city of Seattle. Here, Randall finds another group of survivors, who are at odds with a deadly group of bandits known as the New Law. As you make your way through the ruined city, you must avoid both zombies and this militia group, as resources are in low supply. Randall's adventure to save his wife and child is full of twists and turns, including some surprisingly emotional moments. The haunting score makes the story even more emotional, resulting in an often depressing but interesting narrative.


Although there are plenty of enemies in Deadlight, you won't be doing too much shooting and blasting. Deadlight is more of an adventure game than a shooter, so while you'll find a pistol, shotgun, and a few other weapons, it's often better to avoid or outsmart your opponents than shoot them. The game is played from a sidescrolling perspective, with Randall investigating crumbling buildings, foul sewer systems, and more. These levels are full of zombies to avoid, which often requires you to use the environment in interesting ways. For example, you can lure zombies to a specific spot by whistling, then crush them with falling debris. When things get too chaotic, your best option is to run, resulting in some intense chase sequences.

Platforming also plays a big part in Deadlight's gameplay, as Randall must leap over pitfalls, traps, and zombies. Many sections of the game involve solving puzzles to open a safe path to the next room, disabling electricity, taking out zombies, and more. While the puzzles are fun and interesting, the jumping mechanics can feel clunky and slow, which occasionally results in frustrating deaths. A few sections of the game also feel much longer than others, which can grow repetitive after a while. Despite these hiccups, Deadlight still provides a rewarding challenge that encourages you to think before you act.


Although post-apocalyptic stories and zombies in general have become a bit overplayed, Deadlight manages to keep things fresh with an interesting story, memorable characters, and great action. The slow pace of the game adds a lot of weight to the suspense, making it far more creepy than your standard zombie shooter.


With a bigger focus on traversing ruined landscapes and outsmarting undead enemies, Deadlight pays homage to other classic adventure games. If you enjoy horror games, zombie stories, or action games that prioritize strategy over brute force, give Deadlight a try!


  • Great story with an interesting twist
  • Well-designed puzzles
  • Excellent music and tone


  • Jumping feels clunky
  • Some sections are repetitive
  • Odd difficulty spikes

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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