Devil Daggers

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a game by Sorath
Platform: PC (2016)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Devil Daggers
Devil Daggers
Devil Daggers
Devil Daggers

Devil Daggers appreciates an excellent set of classics, like Doom and brings 90’s shooters to a new level. I enjoy classic first-person shooters and also really enjoy horror, so this game definitely piqued my interest. It is one of those games that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Shoot an endless stream of daggers at your foes, survive as long as you can and challenge your friends! Well done Sorath with this classic, arcade-style shooter.

Shoot Your Enemies

Shoot a plethora of daggers at thirteen unique and horrifying, demonic, enemies to gain crystals to power your weapon of choice further. You can use them as a single shot or rapid fire to blast your enemies into oblivion. The challenge rating of this game is quite high which wasn’t expected at all.

Upgrade Your Daggers

If you can survive long enough, you can transform your magical daggers into powerful homing weapons of destruction. This is done via collecting crystals from defeating many of the thirteen terrifying enemies in this short shooter. How long can you survive?

Challenge Your Friends

I bet you can’t wait to challenge your friends and family with the unique leaderboard system in this action-packed, 90’s inspired shooter. It also features a fluid movement system that allows for easy strafing, bunny-hopping and even dagger jumps, my favourite! You can even watch your loved one’s playthroughs using the leaderboard.

Learn From the Pros

Want to get better at this challenging game? Well, you’re in luck, there’s an enjoyable replay system based off the leaderboard. Simply pick one of the leaders and watch how they play; this is one of my most enjoyed features. You will simply love watching how others overcome obstacles and then try to emulate their techniques to do it yourself.

Defeat Wave After Wave

Enemies will flock to you but never fret dear dagger-wielder, the engine supports hundreds of enemies at once that all will avoid each other for a truly rapid-firing experience. The clock, however, is not on your side and is your constant challenge besides the endless waves of foes.

Survive As Long As You Can

Time is not your friend in this game. The longer you play, the more demons spawn in this action-packed shooter. Every second counts as you try to dominate the leaderboards for supremacy. Can you survive as long as your friends in the abyssal arena? Serious praise for your friends and the pros who just simply survive longer.


Want a game that is going to keep you coming back for the challenge? Devil Daggers may just be it! Challenge yourself, push your limits and keep coming back for more. How long will you survive? Maybe you could even be the next leader of the abyssal arena!


  • No DLC, Lootboxes or additional sales
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Classic graphics and audio
  • No mercy


  • No cutscenes or story
  • No aim assist

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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