Far Cry: Primal

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a game by Ubisoft
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Far Cry: Primal
Far Cry: Primal
Far Cry: Primal
Far Cry: Primal

It is fair to say that Far Cry: Primal is one of the more underrated games in Ubisoft’s action-packed franchise. No other game in the entire Far Cry series has had a setting as over the top like this one and as a result, it makes this a game that really stands out in a very positive way.

One Tribe To Rule Them!

The big draw of this game is, of course, the setting. Ubisoft went back to the stone age for this game and as a result, it is a very different kind of Far Cry game as far as the tone and story go. You play as a tribe leader called, Takkar who wants his tribe to prosper and be the best in the land of Oros. His tribe, The Wenja are not the only tribe that wants to rule!

The game sees you in conflict with two other main tribes. The story is kind of cool, but the caveman setting of things does mean that the main villains are not as good as what we got in Far Cry 4 and especially Far Cry 3.

Different Clothing, Same Underneath

One of the things that is interesting about Far Cry: Primal is that while this looks radically different from other Far Cry games. It plays very, very similar. I would say that if you played any of 3, 4 or even 5. Primal is going to feel very familiar to you. You still need to take over areas, get new people to join you and so on so there is a lot of familiarities here.

Mighty Beasts!

This stone age setting though does allow Ubisoft to have some fun! What I had a great time with was taming mighty beasts like sabretooth tigers, wooly mammoths and this awesome rhino looking, creature. You know you are a badass when you have a sabretooth tiger watching your back! Taming creatures is one of the best aspects of this game and it is above all else a lot of fun to do.

Craft Your Weapons

Far Cry is known for having good gunplay, but unless you are Turok, cavemen do not have weapons like that. Instead, you use things like clubs, bows and so on. You need to do a lot of crafting in Far Cry: Primal and your weapons will break down on you. Thankfully, the more people you “liberate” and get to join your tribe, the more folks you can have gathering resources for you. I thought that the crafting aspect of the game would be a pain in the loincloth covered reared, but it is actually very simple and handled very well.

Welcome To The Lost World

The graphics of this game are fantastic. I would say it is probably my favorite looking of any Far Cry game! Ubisoft really went all out with this game and as a result, the land of Oros is incredibly diverse. You can go from a jungle that is green and lush looking to snow-covered ice caps that have all kinds of big and burly beasts to watch out for.

Far Cry: Primal is a game that I have played through a couple of times now and I can see myself playing through it again. Sure, the villains are not as strong as the series is known for, but everything else in the story is great. Plus, the game is a ton of fun to play and any game that lets me have a sabretooth tiger as a buddy is cool in my book.



  • One of the best settings of any Far Cry game
  • A lot of diversity to this lost world
  • Combat feels very brutal and realistic
  • The story is actually quite good
  • Taming mighty beasts is awesome!


  • The villains are not that great
  • At its heart, it is still a Far Cry game

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