Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Download Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and lead your heroes to victory in this epic tactical RPG! Assemble your team, strategize your moves, and engage in gripping battles to save the kingdom. Are you ready to wield the Sacred Stones? Play now!
a game by Intelligent Systems
Genre: Strategy/War
Platform: GBA
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 6 votes
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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

In a long-running series of popular RPG Nintendo games from Intelligent Systems came another Fire Emblem game in 2003—Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The game is a follow-up to the other similar strategy-style RPG games of its kind. This tactical roleplaying game features a self-contained original story that seems to build off of the older games in a way that new players will be excited by what's happening, while players of the other games won't feel bored or like they're just playing the same thing over and over again. It's a classic gaming experience that anyone who's ever picked up a Gameboy Advance comes to look forward to and won't disappoint.

Objectives and Game Style of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, you play through a lot of turn-based battles that all are linked together in a winding and elaborate network of stories carefully spun together through all of the characters in the game; however, these characters are quite dependent upon you, as they will either live or die based on your actions... but, no pressure.

The story centers around the protagonists Eirika and Ephraim, two royal siblings. When suddenly the kingdom of Grado sieges its former allies in the kingdom of Renais that the siblings belong to, they are one of the only few survivors and have no choice but to go their separate ways. As you follow both of their stories, you'll be given a new perspective on the storyline depending on who you follow, which naturally lends it plenty of replay value.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones has been compared to the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in its gameplay style and Advance Wars in terms of strategy and fighting style; those who like the elements of those types of games are sure to like The Sacred Stones. Although the fighting style seems simple, the AI of the enemies is actually quite smart, especially for its time, so each enemy you fight will be harder to outsmart than the next. Overall, the objective of the game basically depends on these turn-based battles, as that's what you'll be doing to make it through the various quests, level up your characters and ultimately fulfill the missions of the royal siblings.

Pros of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

  • Rich storyline
  • Decision-based gaming leaves you to think ahead at every turn
  • Turn-based combat provides a familiar, nostalgic gaming feel
  • New character classes to choose from
  • Hours of replay possibilities
  • Impressive sound effects

Cons of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

  • Death in the game is permanent, which can lead to frustration

Bottom Line

Anyone who likes turn-based fighting, well-thought-out storylines, interesting twists and turns and plenty of character development will love Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The Fire Emblem games remain a classic for a reason and are definitely worth taking a turn around the Gameboy at least once.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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