Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod

Download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod and enhance your Vice City experience with new vehicles, weapons, and more! Explore the vibrant city, take on action-packed missions, and rule the criminal underworld. The city is yours for the taking – play now!
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Platform: PC (2008)
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User Rating: 6.4/10 - 9 votes
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod

The reason that I am talking about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod today is that I fired it up while I had a few days off from work. The reason I fired it up was that I am just so sick of the terrible remastered trilogy that came out last year and I wanted a little vice city action. This is my favorite of all the games in the series so I feel that I am pretty qualified to give my opinion on this deluxe mod. I have played the game on PS2, Xbox, PC, Switch, and PS4!

Back To The 80s

One of the best things that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod has going for it is the 80s Scarface style story that Rockstar crafted. While setting movies, games, and TV shows in the 80s has been done to death over the last decade. Rockstar did this when it was somewhat still fresh and cool and the story remains just as much fun as it was back then today. It features some of the best characters in the entire GTA franchise and if you are an 80s fan, you are going to get a massive kick out of all of the references.

Moving On From The 80s

As the title, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod suggests, this game is a mod of the original game and what has been given a major facelift is the visuals of the game. I can see why some people love this. I mean, the original game is nearly 20 years old (oh my god I am old as hell) and it looks its age, even the remastered version that came out last year has a dated look about it. The new visuals are fantastic and very well done, but they are too modern. The cars especially look more like modern cars than they do 80s and that takes me out of it. To be fair, many people like this, my buddy for example prefers the way this mod makes the cars and the city in general look, so it is a personal preference thing.

Adding Fun To Sin City

One other aspect of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod that deserves to be talked about is the addition of a skatepark and a motocross track that have been added to the city. When I first heard about this, I thought that it sounded fun, however, screwing around on these has probably been the thing that has impressed me the most about this mod.


If you love GTA Vice City and want to play it with much sharper and more realistic looking cars, streets and buildings then you are the perfect person to check out the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Deluxe mod. I can really appreciate the hard work that went into this and why so many people hold this in such high regard. As I said, I have a buddy who swears that this is the only way anyone should be playing Vice City these days. For me, I can appreciate it, but even with the very dated visuals the original (and even the remaster) has more of that 80s charm that I personally like.


  • It is very impressive how the cars look photorealistic
  • The city in the game also looks incredible
  • They added in a skatepark and a motocross track to have fun with
  • At its heart, it is the same awesome Vice City and that is a good thing


  • While it looks technically much better, I personally feel it loses the 80s charm the original game has
  • I have great memories and a ton of nostalgia for these older GTA games, but the gameplay by today's standards is rather clunky

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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