Skeleton Crew

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a game by Cinder Cone
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Skeleton Crew
Skeleton Crew
Skeleton Crew

With Skeleton Crew I am trying to convert as many of my friends as possible to this game! It is brought to us by modern wolf who have put out some great titles in the past. Any game that features monsters, skeletons, beasts, and a whole bunch of gothic and macabre stuff going on is going to appeal to me. The first trailer was hilarious and right then I knew that this was a game I had to keep my eye on.

Humanity Is The Endangered Species!

The setting of the game is a fantasy land called Karpathia and in this land, humans are not the dominant species…. Quite far from it actually. In Skeleton Crew you play as a member of the Yeoman Eldritch Extermination Team which I dare you to try and say five times fast! The members of this team are the only people who can fight back the monsters and bosses to give humanity a chance of survival.

So, What The Heck Is This?

I will admit when I first heard about Skeleton Crew and saw that initial trailer, I thought this was a brawler in the same style as something like the awesome Castle crashers. That is not actually the case, this is a full 2D game so you are stuck on the 2D plane. At first, I was a bit like aww, but then I realized there was a very good reason for this. the game is an action platformer with a bit of RPG elements sprinkled on top of it for good measure.

You can play on your own or you can venture into the levels with up to three buddies. However, on the Steam page as of me writing this, it does say coming soon under the multiplayer section so, by the time you read this, multiplayer may or may not be in the game. The game has plenty of characters to unlock and play as, weapons and items to use, and an impressive number of levels too.

Kicking In Their Heads!

The reason that Skeleton Crew is not a game in the same style as something like Castle Crashers or Streets of Rage is that one of the core gameplay mechanics in the game is about kicking things. Anything that you can pick up you can kick in this game. This goes for enemies, heads, rocks, weapons. If you can pick it up, you can kick it and this is a big part of the gameplay. Many puzzles and enemies will need to be dealt with by kicking something in a very certain direction. I am sure this will take a while to get used to, but it looks like a mechanic that is going to be a lot of fun

They’re Creepy & They’re Kooky!

The presentation of the game is awesome. I love how it has a kind of cartoon vibe going on, but the way it is so dark, moody, but also very charming makes it impossible to smile the whole time you are playing the game. It features some of the most awesome 2D monster designs I have seen in a while. The game also features a soundtrack that goes very well with the game and there is a large selection of tracks so you will not get bored hearing the same song over and over again.


I think that Skeleton Crew could end up being one of the big surprises of 2021. This game is just so much fun and I love the whole style of it. The dark and funny nature of the game is sure to appeal to you if you like horror. The while kicking mechanic that the game offers you gives this something different to other games that are similar.


  • There are many characters to play as
  • I love the whole gothic nature of the game
  • Plenty of crazy monsters to fight
  • The kicking aspect of the gameplay is very interesting


  • The kicking mechanic may take a while to get the hang of
  • No word on what the status of the multiplayer is

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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