Jim Power: The Arcade Game

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a game by Loricels
Genres: Action, Platformer
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis, SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 8 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Before there was virtual reality, there were 3D glasses! Jim Power: The Lost Dimension is a fast- paced game that seeks to introduce that mysterious "third dimension" to a new generation.

In fact, much of this action/adventure game's personality resides in its interesting mix of viewing perspectives. Just like in those old '60s movies, you wrap hokey cardboard and cellophane glasses around your face to see the 3D effects. If you like to keep cool, though, you can play the game without the glasses. Power also features side-view action, an overhead-view fighting level, and a side-view vehicle shoot-em-up.

Vaprak Attacks

Power is a run-n-gun game until late in the game, when Jimbo hops into a space fighter for some shooter pyrotechnics. In this game "our very universe is threatened with extinction." That quote from the manual should tell you everything you need to know about the story.


  • Save your Smart Bombs as long as you can.
  • In the Uni-Jet (shooter) level, try to clear auto-weapons off the walls and ceilings whenever you can.
  • The ol' one-foot-off-a-ledge position comes in handy.
  • You may be one of the 10% of the population who has little or no 3D vision. You may be lucky.
  • Shoot the first mid-level boss in his face. He won't chase you to the end of the level.

For those who want more detail: An evil being named Vaprak is threatening to unleash his horrible hordes by cracking open a secret, lost dimension. You guide Special Agent Jim Power in a mission of mayhem against the vile Vaprak.

Jim Power is fast, familiar fun. The precise controls are no-brainers, even for inexperienced gamers. You'd better warm up your thumbs, though, because JP dishes out monstrous challenge even on the Easy setting. Jim must blast past a fast-moving army of men, mutants, and machines, plus face humongous mid-level and end-level bosses. Booby traps and icky, gooey creatures are strewn across your path.

Audio/Visual Power

The graphics are good, with or without the 3D, but this game doesn't give your eyes a break. Enemies, platforms, and booby traps produce a constantly moving melange of colors and patterns. The backgrounds feature weird, scrolling landscapes that look like a psychedelic painting.

Power doesn't power-up the sound, but it rates an "E" for effort. The music consists of speedy rock that tries hard to pace the action. The highlight of the effects is your mournful scream whenever you get zapped.

Lost Dimension Found

Jim Power: The Lost Dimension is a good game that tosses the classics at you: classic story line, classic action/adventure gaming, classic overhead-view gaming, classic shoot-em-up, and classic 3D glasses. There ought to be something here for anyone who likes shoot-and-scoot action.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Game modes: Single game mode

Player controls:

  • Up, Down, Left, Right - Arrow keys
  • Start - Enter (Pause, Menu select, Skip intro, Inventory)
  • "A" Gamepad button - Ctrl (usually Jump or Change weapon)
  • "B" button - Space (Jump, Fire, Menu select)
  • "C" button - Left Shift (Item select)

Use the F12 key to toggle mouse capture / release when using the mouse as a controller.


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Machine: SNES;
  • Manufacturer: Electro Brain; Loriciel

Electro Brain is comin' at ya with Jim Power: The Lost Dimension. This 3-D trip through multiple levels is not only visually exciting, but also very fast paced. Your objective is to overpower the mutated forces of Vaprak, an alien from another dimension. Once you're through his defenses, send him back to his world before more of his kind can move through the inter-dimensional rift.

Jim Power uses "Nuoptix 3-D", a new technique that creates 3-D images on a flat screen. Using the (clear) 3-D glasses, you get a great effect, but you can also play the game without the glasses, and it doesn't look any different from a normal game.

The action moves quickly, so don't blink. The game is also tough - any time you're hit by an enemy, you instantly vaporize with a blood-curdling scream. Jim Power may look great, but you may see red when all your lives are gone... again.

  • Manufacturer: Electro Brain
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Available: November 1993
  • Number of Levels: 8
  • Theme: Action

Electro Brain has got a great new cart, Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3-D. This cart features an awesome new form of 3-D. A pair of cardboard glasses, with one clear lens and one polarized lens, is provided. If you don't care to wear the glasses, you will see the game in a still awesome 2-D view. Special agent Jim Power is all that stands in the way of the evil Vaprak, who is trying to destroy the last planet that blocks the passage to the fifth lost dimension. If you fail, he will destroy our world and open the gateway to let his evil kind ravage the universe. He has become much too powerful for our fleet to risk a frontal attack, so Jim Power must risk the trip alone. Armed with a lone laser and a suit with smart bombs, he will fight. Along the way are weapons left by other agents who also tried, but never returned.


The lost path is where you will start your adventure. Watch your timing - jumping from platform to platform gets a little tricky. Pick up icons that pop up from the ground as you run through the level.


Intense overhead action is next on the agenda. Watch where you step - those blue circles will spin you'll you're dizzy. Be careful on the ice - it could slide you right into a wall of spikes!

  • Manufacturer: Electro Brain
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Available: 1994
  • Theme: Action

The universe is threatened with extinction! An evil being named Vaprak threatens our very existence.

Only special agent Jim Power has the skills needed to go to the Lost Dimension and stop this evil guardian.

Using your laser gun, you will begin on foot through the Forgotten Path. Each level is a different adventure. You will also be able to use a jetpack, and a powerful spacecraft as you progress. Collect icons like Extra Time, Power-Ups for your weapon and Smart Bombs. Remember - keys open doors. In the spacecraft shooter scenes, you will mean a powerful ship through the Never-Ending Cavern and Zig Zag 1, which is a speedtrap where you must guide your ship through treacherous scenes. When you encounter a Boss, you will have a special suit with a jetpack to help you maneuver better. Many agents have gone before you and not returned. What about you?

  • Machine: Super NES
  • Theme: Action
  • No. of Levels: 8

People say:


Jim Power has a lot of cool elements to it. The diversity of game play and the challenge adds greatly to this title. The pseudo 3-D effect is just OK. Nothing really special. And why does the parallax scrolling go the wrong way? Another pet peeve of mine is that you are a one-hit wonder. This makes for frustrating game play. If you are up for a real challenge, Jim Power will give you just that. It's too tough for me.


Who needs drugs? Just play Jim Power. If the mind-boggling 3-D effects don't get you, the difficulty sure will. For the experienced players, the game is rewarding with extremely challenging levels, darn good music and those 3-D glasses. The 3-D effect works great, but your eyes will need a vacation. There's a lot of variety with shooter, overhead and side-scrolling sequences. This one is a toughie!


I didn't think a 3-D video game was possible, but the effect in this cart actually works! It's a neat feature, but you get a headache after awhile. Besides, the colorful graphics and music are fine with-out it. The character moves fairly well, but frustration kicks in when enemies come out of nowhere so fast that there's nothing you can do but take a mandatory hit. It's already a tough game. Why make it close to impossible?


Wait a second. Let me focus my eyesight. OK. The 3-D effects are cool especially with the 3-D glasses, but don't play it for a long time. Cool background scrolling is the anchor of the 3-D effect. Moving your character around is a piece of cake. The main factor I noticed is that enemies will come at you from nowhere, and you don't have the time to react. This game is too frustrating to achieve stardom.

Electro Brain's hot new cart has a radical new feature that allows you to see the game in 3-D. The new technology is accomplished by a pair of cardboard glasses which the player wears. One lens is plain and the other is polarized. These are very different from the old glasses with red and blue lenses. Using this technology, the game can be played in 3-D with the glasses, or in 2-D, without the specs!

Jim Power is divided into many levels. Some are action oriented, while others are shooters. A lot of variety!

Who says you can't teach old dog new tricks? Loriciel, a French game-design company, has taken an old Amiga game, Jim Power, and brought it to new technological heights-true 3D game play!

Jim Dandy

At first glance, Jim Power looks and plays like a regular 8-meg side-scrolling game, but as soon as you don the RVB (Red Violet Blue) glasses that come bundled with the game, it turns into a spectacular graphical experience. The RVB glasses, which look just like cardboard movie 3D glasses, bring the game's seven levels to 3D life. These three dimensions extend the depth of the colorful landscapes and make Jim look like he's actually running and shooting through the game's bizarre backgrounds.

Not only does your perspective change through technology, but the game shifts its perspective and game play, too. In three platform levels, you guide Jim with a side view of the action as he runs and shoots his way along. Strap a jet pack to Jim's back, and the two side-view shoot-em-up levels turn Jim into a shooting rocket. Finally, cruise on a missile-shooting rocket through two overhead-view speed levels on the Genesis, or two exploration levels on the SNES.

Tower of Power

SNES and Genesis owners won't have to argue over playing Jim Power, since it's coming stateside for both 16-bit systems. SNES version will be available Winter '93 from Electro Brain. Jim certainly has the Power to break new gaming ground.

Jim Power: The Lost Dimension is a side-scrolling platform game, a side-scrolling shooter and a top-view shooter game depending on the level published by Electro Brain for the Super NES in 1993 and designed by French developer Loriciel. Several other systems, including Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Mega Drive/Genesis, PC (DOS), have versions of the game. The game features several contrasting modes of gameplay, including side-view platforming, horizontal shoot 'em up , and also top-view. He must find fight enemies, bosses and obtain various keys to progress through the levels.

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