King Arthur: Knight's Tale

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a game by Neocoregames Ltd.
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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King Arthur: Knight's Tale
King Arthur: Knight's Tale
King Arthur: Knight's Tale
King Arthur: Knight's Tale

The tales of King Arthur, the knights of the round table and Camelot have been told throughout the centuries, with each iteration adding some element to the mythical legend. Through movies, shows and now even games we have seen numerous re-telling’s of this famed journey, and with King Arthur: Knight’s Tale fans get just that; a unique storyline blended within the myths and legends themselves.

The overall experience is one entrenched deep within fiction and myth, where the creativity of developers have taken well known fable and added their own unique spin to create an enticing game which gamers will be enjoying for years to come. You begin the game as Sir Mordred, a disgraced knight whose most recent criminal indulgence was to kill King Arthur himself. Although you killed the king, he was able to strike you down in his last seconds, leaving you to be revived by the Lady of the Lake. Will you take the long path of redemption or continue on in your sinister ways?


While the game revolves around your character, Sir Mordred, the story is about a disgraced knight’s journey to redemption while balancing the scales of morality as you traverse the seemingly lawless land. The Lady of the Lake is the ruler of a mystic isle named Avalon, whom has the power to resurrect your soul and set you forth on a quest. You are set on a course to fulfill your destiny, kill King Arthur no matter what he hath become within the Arthurian realm. Your journey will pit you against evil of all sorts while you collect loot, gain experience and add certain knights to your quest wherever you see fit. Once you reach Avalon the storyline really picks up as you grow closer to your characters destiny. This game has strong resemblances to that of Dark Souls, where your character is clearly considered that of the anti-hero throughout the game.


The game is an interesting take on that of the… The in game measurements such as morality meters take a toll on your character: ‘Tyrant - Rightful’ constitute one meter and ‘Christian – Old Faith’ hold the other. Where the character is by no means a true protagonist, having this aspect of evil within only adds to the storyline and enjoyment through its gameplay. The game is a tactical, strategy based RPG which doesn’t rely on simple combo’s and attack metrics. Your strategy depends from mission to mission as well as the company of knights you keep. Determining tactical plans differs from battle to battle which keeps players alert and on their toes at all times.


For a game such as this, especially due to being initially crowd-funded, players will find an overall enjoyable gameplay experience, mixed in with incredibly creative storytelling arcs and challenging tactical combat experiences.


  • Well created storyline that was clearly very detailed throughout planning stages
  • Graphics and animations are well done and add to the overall gameplay experience as you move throughout the world


  • Strategy becomes less important in certain aspects of the game, leading to a button-mash type combat

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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