Land of War - The Beginning

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a game by MS GAMES
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 4 votes
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Land of War - The Beginning
Land of War - The Beginning
Land of War - The Beginning

You may think that Land of War - The Beginning is just another World War II shooter and it is. However, I think that what the developer is trying to do with this game sounds very interesting and as someone who loves history and playing games set during World War II, this is a game that truly did capture my attention and made me want to take a much closer look at it.

The Start Of The War

The thing that captured my attention with this game and what has gotten many people interested in Land of War - The Beginning. The idea of the game is really cool, the setting for this is the very start of World War II when Germany invaded Poland and the game has you playing as a Polish soldier, trying to do what they can to stop this immense invading force.

Now, this is not going to be like a Hollywood movie like we get with games such as Call of Duty WWII. At the same time, I think having a more scaled-back kind of story is kind of cool and gives the game the feel of a Call of Duty game that would have come out during the PlayStation 2 era.

Fighting For What Is Right

The gameplay of Land of War - The Beginning is just so cool. They have tried to give this game a bit of an old-school soul and feel like those more classic Call of Duty and Medal of Honor games that we all enjoyed. As a result, things are much faster paced and there are a ton of enemies that are always coming towards you. It is the kind of first-person shooter that really will keep you on your toes. While the first-person shooting action is going to be a lot of fun and get you hyped up while you are playing. This game does also offer battles where you get to drive armored vehicles and even take to the sky for ariel battles too!

Looking Like A Classic

I know I keep talking about Call of Duty in this Land of War - The Beginning review, but it is impossible not to compare the two. The thing is, it is rather unfair to compare this game that is coming from a smaller studio to a game like Call of Duty WWII. Still, I think this game is very nice looking, but it is a tad on the basic side. One of the things that they have done to set this game apart from the competition is the setting of 1939. Apparently, no other game has been set during this point of the war and that is something I think is really cool. The way they have used these older weapons that were only around for a short time is pretty awesome.


I know that at this point, you have probably played a ton of games set during World War II, but I do think that Land of War - The Beginning is well worth taking a closer look at. Them saying this is the first game to be set in Poland and at the very start of the war was something I thought they were wrong about, but in my research, it appears that they are right! That right there made me want to find out as much about this game as I could and if you are a history buff, I feel you need to consider checking this game out.


  • The setting of the game is great
  • I liked the more scaled-back basic kind of story
  • It has weapons that have never been in a WWII era game before
  • It is cool the way it is modeled on the older COD and Medal of Honor games


  • This game lacks the production values of a COD
  • It may be a bit basic for some people

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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