Laser Invasion

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a game by Konami
Genres: Action, Shooting Games, Simulation
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 5.3/10, based on 5 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Laser Invasion
Laser Invasion
Laser Invasion
Laser Invasion
  • Manufacturer: Konami

Konami unleashes a combination all-out aerial assault and gut churning ground blitz for your NES. Its name: Laser Invasion. The target: Sheik Toxic Moron and his earth shattering TechnoScorch Missiles.

You'll pilot the Laser Invasion Helijet, an air slicing armor plated powerhouse ready to fire your choice of weapons. You must bank, dive and hover, employing advanced combat techniques against unrelenting waves of airborne enemies.

Then land your bird of prey and charge the Sand Storm Command Center, home of the 3-D Confusion Maze. To get there, pounce on divisions of Pharaoh Phantom tanks, Chiller choppers, and an army of grenade throwing, machine gun toting terrors.

Between battles, your life hinges on your own tactical-decisions. Gather enough skin saving objects, ammo and intelligence and you'll penetrate the Sheik's fortress of doom. But there won't be much time to do your dirty work. So let the invasion begin.

And now zap $10 off LaserScope Voice Command Optical Targeting Headset with in rebate offer inside every Laser Invasion package.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Machine: Nintendo

Last year, Konami released a new accessory for the NES called the Laserscope Optical Command Headset. The Laserscope, which is worn like a telephone operator's headset, can be used with any game that requires Nintendo's Zapper light gun. To aim, you just look through an eyepiece with LED cross hairs. To fire, you just shoot off your mouth - literally. Making any noise into the microphone has the same effect as pulling the trigger on the Zapper.

But until recently, the only advantage of using the Laserscope with light-gun games was that your arm wouldn't get tired. Konami's new Laser Invasion is the first game designed especially for the Laserscope.

The plot of Laser Invasion is routine stuff - you must infiltrate several enemy bases and recover top-secret information to stop a power-mad, oil-rich sheik. Judging from some differences between the story in the manual and the game's actual screens, it appears that Konami took a nearly finished shooter and tried to link it to current events. Almost every assignment requires you to fly to an enemy base in a helicopter, fight your way on foot to the command center, and then enter the mazelike center to gather intelligence or special weapons.

The different modes - aerial combat, ground fighting, and searching through mazes - give Laser Invasion a lot of variety. But there's not much depth to each part. Once you complete the first ground mission, for example, you'll have a pretty good idea of what every other ground mission looks like.

The Laserscope is perfect for the flight sequences, because you can aim your missiles anywhere on the screen, instead of only at targets directly in front of you. When you combine the headset with a joystick (you can also use a regular control pad), you start to really feel like a pilot.

But once you touch down, you might wish you could trade the headset for a trusty Zapper. Because lots of enemies approach from all sides of the screen, you're constantly moving your head to aim. For some reason, the Zapper just feels right when fighting enemy infantry.

Aside from that minor complaint, Laser Invasion is a solid, enjoyable game - with or without the Laserscope.

Konami promised to create games that would take advantage of their new LaserScope's advanced capabilities and this is the first of that series. Don't have a scope yet? No problem, the game works equally as well with the old Zapper. Take to the air and blow away his copters; slice through his ground forces and maneuver through a first-person perspective 3-D maze, protected by killer mercenaries! Constant action for the quick thinkers and fast shooters!

This video game was developed by Konami and published by Ultra Games in 1991 for the NES. The player’s mission is to gain access to the Sheik's Sand Storm Command Center, gather the strategic data that will help you to destroy the Sheik's recently deployed TechnoScorch arsenal. But to complete the task, the player needs to have a number of destructive skills: the ability to wage all-out warfare at the controls of the army's newest attack copter - the Laser Invasion Helijet. Also you have to be a very gifted radar-reader, ground-attack artist and a professional in the field of intelligence gathering. Each skill will come into play as you risk your "rutabaga" fighting through the three brutal modes: The Air Combat Mode, the Ground Warfare Mode and the 3-D Confusion Maze Mode. In addition, there is a Helijet Landing Mode.

Starting your assault, you have three to five "rutabages". Every time you get 10,000 points you will be given an extra one.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the Sheik's Sand Storm Command Center (whew!). You'll be battling your way through 3 different game modes: Air Combat, Ground Warfare and the 3-D Confusion Maze. Each mode is a different game in itself, each shown from different perspectives. Whether piloting a helicopter or sneaking through the 3-D maze, many enemies await you!

People say:


This game comes off as a gimmick for the Konami head controller, and with that device it's sure to have more of an effect than it did playing it with the regular pad. The game has few high points, with your typically poor Nintendo first-person graphics. Nice but not much innovation.


While this game was obviously designed to take advantage and sport the features of Konami's Lazer Scope peripheral, it does have some merits of its own. The action is steady, with lots of enemies attacking at all times. A decent game whether you have the Scope or not.


There just really isn't that much of a game in Lazer Invasion unless you're sporting the funky scope headband. Anyway, the game that is here features plenty of flying targets who move about and occasionally fire back. The movement is jerky and the graphics in most areas poor.


Well there seems to be enough gaming variety for the buck in Laser Invasion, but it just didn't capture my attention. The inflight graphics were choppy and I got killed too easily. The other sections of the game also weren't what I thought they could have been.

With the recent upheaval and turmoil in the Middle East, I suppose it was only a matter of time before games similar to the situation over there would start appearing. While it's probably only coincidence, there are some similarities within the wording of the manual for Laser Invasion that made me think twice.

Okay, all you potential saviors of the world, this is what you are up against: the infamous "Sheik Toxic Moron" has been presiding over his empire of oil fields, harems and expensive autos and has decided that now is the time to expand his domain over the entire world.

Our friendly sheik has developed the deadly "TechnoScorch Missile," which takes under 15 minutes to reach any major city around the world (okay, it's a bit more impressive than a SCUD). The world community's response has been to draw together to select one man or woman with the ability to take this guy out. If you accept the mission, you will take command of the military's newest attack helicopter, the "Laser Invasion Helijet," over land-and sea-fighting enemy aircraft, land at secret bases and blast your way through enemy camps and underground mazes drilling anything that moves.

If this doesn't draw a clear picture of what you are up against, imagine a cross between Top Gun, Operation Wolf and a 3-D maze game. Yes, Laser Invasion has all that, and, what's more, there's plenty of action to keep the gamer busy. This game is designed around the new Laserscope headset that acts as a light gun when worn. The regular Zapper guns and joypads may be used as well for control, so nobody should feel left out. I personally used a regular joystick and had no problems with the different areas of the game. {For those unfamiliar with this headset, see the October '90 issue of VideoGames & Computer Entertainment for details.)

There are at least four missions with different stages within each. (The preliminary version I played had a level select, but nothing was mentioned within the manual, so don't hold your breath.) Five continues are provided, which place you back at the beginning of the mission.

The action starts when you get your mission briefing and proceeds to loading your copter with extras: different missile types, ground bombs, chaff and extra fuel-capacity options are adjustable, depending upon the mission requirements. Once you are in the air, there are two radar screens available to guide you. One shows enemy aircraft in your immediate area, and the other is the long-range radar that is used to guide your craft to its target(s). Onscreen damage, fuel, airspeed and ammo gauges all keep you abreast of your fighting status.

After skipping your way through a barrage of jets, helicopters, missiles, submarines, ships, etc., you will either face a boss aircraft or have to land at an enemy base. Landing isn't automatic however; you must guide your copter down, fighting crosswinds that try to blow you off-course. Don't worry, you can keep trying if you miss, at least until you run out of fuel.

Once you set that puppy down, it's time for some serious sniping of the sinister sheik's soldiers, gun emplacements and aircraft. Ammo and health power-ups appear occasionally to keep your chances healthy for making it into the 3-D bunker mazes, which contain hidden enemies. Secret agents may appear with advice or materials to help you on your missions, so keep exploring.

Laser Invasion plays very well and has the equivalent of three games' worth of variety and complexity. I have been skeptical about any game that has used the light-gun system, but this one is a definite must-have for light-gun fans. The game takes advantage of the feature without sacrificing playability or complexity.

Definitely take the time to check this one out. I must take a moment to compliment the author of the manual as well. It is entertaining and was written with a sense of humor. With enemy names like Capt. Yassir Heesmybaby, Yabba Dabba Ali Babba and Kurt Slitagut, I almost busted a gut!

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