Level Zero

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a game by DogHowl Games
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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Level Zero
Level Zero
Level Zero
Level Zero

Level Zero is a tactics based first-person shooter with a very cool sci-fi setting. This is a mixture of a whole bunch of things that I like and it is a game I am very excited about. Currently, as I write this the game is in early access, but they do seem to have a pretty clear path of what they plan to add to the game as it speeds along with its development. Today, I wanted to take a little look at this game to share with you some of the cool things that it has going on.

Monsters In The Darkness!

The plot of the game is very exciting and cool and it is an area of Level Zero that I hope they expand on, to be honest with you. Mankind has headed out to the stars to explore distant planets. This spaceship comes across a very interesting planet that is shrouded in darkness, what could possibly go wrong by checking it out?

Well, they take various samples from the planet and before long, a bunch of dangerous creatures are lurking in the dark of the spaceship, causing chaos and hunting down anything that moves. The humans need to repair the ship to get rid of the creatures in order to get home!

I’m A Survivor

At the moment the gameplay of Level Zero is rather basic, but you get a good idea of what this is all about. The idea here is that you play as part of a team of survivors or a team of monsters. The survivors need to sneak around the ship, using light to keep the creatures at bay as they cannot enter the light. They will need to find keys, fix systems in the ship, and so on in order to fix the ship so that they can expel the monsters from it. Playing as a survivor is very tense as each area that is dark is potentially a monster waiting to kill you.

Deep Inside I am A Monster

If you play on the monster side in Level Zero, things are a little bit different. You need to sneak around the ship, they can see in the dark and they need to replenish their energy which they do by finding these artifacts from their planet that are on the ship. You have to avoid the light when you are a monster as this is what damages you. It is a lot of fun to try and lure a survivor into a dark area so you can jump out and attack them!

Things Are Scary In The Dark

The presentation of Level Zero is great, even in this early access state. Sure, there are a few little glitches here and there, but to be fair that is what early access is for. The game clearly takes inspiration from many other sources, I get major Alien, Event Horizon and Doom vibes from the dark and moody spaceship setting and I mean that as a very good thing.

Lighting plays a big part in this game and it is used very well here. It can be very scary when you enter a room that you need to get to the other side of, but it is dark!


Even though Level Zero is a bit light on content right now, I think this has all the makings of an awesome multiplayer experience. One of the best compliments that I can give the game right now is that I could not pick between what side I like playing as the most as they are both a lot of fun. This is one early access game that is very easy to recommend and if you look at the page on Steam, they have a nice list of the things that they plan on adding to the game.


  • I love the spaceship setting of the game
  • Playing as both the survivors and the monsters is fun
  • It makes excellent use of lighting
  • They seem to have a clear goal of where they want this game to go


  • As of right now, it is a tad light on content
  • I love the premise of the story, but I hope they flesh it out more in the final version

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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