Madden NFL 22

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Platform: PC (2021)
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Madden NFL 22
Madden NFL 22
Madden NFL 22

Another year another entry in this long running series and today we are looking at some of the new features Madden NFL 22 is offering. Look, if you do not like this series then move along! Those of us who like the Madden franchise always look forward to a new game and this year it looks like EA is giving some interesting new features which seem pretty cool.

The Franchise Baby

The main mode that I get into each year is franchise mode and in Madden NFL 22 the franchise mode looks to have been severely upgraded to be more in-depth than ever before. The amount of stuff that you can do on and off the field is just crazy. For example, you now have to deal with your staff on a more personal basis. Having the right staff behind the scenes is now way more important than ever before.

The seasons are going to have more flow to them as well as EA has promised that no two seasons will be the same. This is something I am very excited about. Sometimes I end up losing interest in the franchise mode as my franchise gets so good the challenge is pretty much gone, it looks like they have finally fixed that with this year’s game.

Yo, You Dealing With The X-Factor!

If you get that obscure WWF reference, give yourself a high-five. While player stats will be as detailed as ever in Madden NFL 22 it is the X-Factor abilities that have gotten people very excited. There are 25 X-Factor abilities that the top players in the game will potentially have. 14 are offensive and 11 are defensive. What I love about stuff like this is that it makes the truly elite players that extra bit more special as opposed to them just being a bit faster or stronger which is usually the case.

Dynamic Gameday

Perhaps the biggest feature that EA are showing off for Madden NFL 22 is their Dynamic Gameday. What this aims to do is make the NFL experience more real than it has ever been before. To be fair, EA has always made sure that their sports game have a very TV style presentation, but this is honestly something else.

The way that the presentation is so polished is just remarkable. I really do not think that EA gets the credit they deserve for how good the Madden games look and this is the best yet. It is not even just the visuals, but the sound design in the game is amazing, it actually feels like you are in the stadium, that is how impressive it all is


Granted, we have just touched on a handful of the new features that Madden NFL 22 is offering. There are improvements to Ultimate Team and the way you can create your own player and take part in an epic rookie season in Face of the Franchise sounds like it is going to be a great deal of fun. EA look like they have worked really hard on this and this year’s game could be the most feature packed one yet.


  • The presentation is the best it has ever been
  • The X-Factor abilities make special players feel even more special
  • The new features to franchise mode make it more in-depth than it has been before
  • There are many other new features and tweaks that have been implemented this year


  • At the end of the day, it is more Madden which is not for everyone
  • Will Ultimate Team be as much of a cash grab as it has in previous years?

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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