Mafia Trilogy

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a game by Hangar 13
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
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Mafia Trilogy
Mafia Trilogy
Mafia Trilogy
Mafia Trilogy

The Mafia Trilogy is a three-in-one compilation back that combines the three main games in the Mafia series, along with all of the previously released downloadable content. This collection also contains the definitive versions of these games, with brand new modern graphics and modified gameplay. Taking place in three different decades, each Mafia game offers a tale of organized crime in the United States. Similar in style to Grand Theft Auto, you'll speed through city streets as you live the life of a glorious gangster. With tons of missions, exciting action, and some great stories of illicit crime, the Mafia Trilogy is a must-play for any fan of open-world action games.

Main Game Features

  • Three action-packed games in one package
  • Cinematic tales of organized crime
  • Exciting open-world gameplay


Generally speaking, the Mafia Trilogy tells the interconnected story of three men, all trying their best to make a break in their local gangs. The first Mafia game takes place in the 1930s, set in the fictional mid-Western town of Lost Heaven.

The second Mafia game jumps ahead a decade, transporting players to the bustling city of Empire Bay in New York. In the first two games, you'll spend lots of time working the streets and completing tasks for the boss of your mob family. This usually involves stealing cars, completing hits, and sabotaging other rival gangs. Mafia III is similar in nature but with a unique twist; playing as the Vietnam vet Lincoln Clay, you must navigate the rural roads of Louisana, defeating various gangs to clean up the streets and protect your loved ones. All three Mafia games offer highly cinematic and dramatic narratives, which are just as interesting as your favorite mobster movie.


If you've ever played an open-world action game like Watch Dogs, True Crime, or L.A. Noire, you'll be very comfortable with Mafia Trilogy's gameplay. Similar in style to those titles, you'll explore a large map dotted with various missions and activities, doing your best to outrun the law and evade capture. Each game in the Mafia Trilogy makes improvements upon the last, further refining the formula and working out the kinks. Mafia Trilogy also makes some huge leaps in the graphical department, replacing the old visuals of the early 2000s for shiny new textures. This visual upgrade does a lot for the overall quality of the game, making each unique city a pleasure to explore.

Although the first two games are pretty linear, Mafia III offers an open-world experience that's packed with extra content, side-missions, and unique characters to meet. In your journey as Lincoln, you must tear down tons of criminal activities in the ten regions of New Bordeaux, a fictional town similar to New Orleans. Using every weapon in your arsenal, you'll invade brothels, drug rings, and a large variety of other illegal operations. You can go in with guns blazing or take a stealthy approach, silencing enemies with shadowy take-downs. Overall, each Mafia game offers a wild ride, guaranteed to entertain any open-world gaming fan.


For fans of other popular open-world games, the Mafia Trilogy is an excellent package that offers dozens of hours of fun. When compared to other games in the genre, the Mafia Trilogy delivers an experience that is more narrative-driven while still providing tons of exciting gameplay. From the classic cars to the bombastic explosions and gunfire, few games capture the essence of mobster life quite like Mafia does.


The new features and improved graphics make this package even better, with crisp visuals that amp up immersion. If you love classic gangster flicks like Scarface or Goodfellas, you won't want to miss the Mafia Trilogy.


  • Lots of content with great variety
  • Three unique stories set in different periods
  • Exciting and violent gunplay


  • Some missions can be boring
  • Occasional story pacing issues
  • Lack of side-content in the first two games

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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