Mario Party 9

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a game by NDcube
Platform: Wii
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 12 votes
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Mario Party 9
Mario Party 9
Mario Party 9

The art of the couch co-op game is one that has dwindled in popularly over the years. Ever since the dawn of mass online multiplayer games, the development of local co-op games has died a death. Much to the dismay of yours truly. However, we still have the ability to cast our minds back and reminisce and one game series that epitomises the joys of couch co-op is Mario Party. So today, we cast our minds back to the ninth iteration, Mario Party 9.

This game takes on the format of all the other games within the Mario Party series. Asking players to work their way around a board while competing it a series of wacky mini-games. However, looking outside the series, the game plays rather similarly to any of The Jackbox Party Pack, Marooners, Ultimate Chicken Horse or Overcooked. To be mentioned in the company of these games is flattering but does this one still over oodles of fun for all the family. We find out in our review of Mario Party 9.

Mastering the Hardware

If you aware of the shortcomings of Mario Party 8, you’ll know how big a role the Wii remote played in its demise. The hardware basically rendered that game frustratingly unplayable at times. So obviously, fans feared the worse for the next instalment. Thankfully though, the developer manages to master the Wii Remotes idiosyncrasies and delivers a set of mini-games that are mechanically sound and genuinely very fun. These games live and die by their mini games and gameplay value, so this was a triumph for the developer and a return to form for the series.

Then to mix things up, the game also adds cooperative boss stages where you will have to work together with your competitors to succeed. This was a welcome change, whereas the linear map progression was perhaps a misstep. The developers have managed to take away all the nuance and strategy from past iterations, essentially making this a series of mini-games and little else. The board game format has always been this games core gimmick and to toss it aside was a bold move to say the least.

A Party for The Eyes

Mario Party 9 also makes big improvements to the overall aesthetic from the previous game in the series. Wii games have always had a reputation as looking rather rough around the edges. However, through using assets from Super Mario Galaxy 2 and generally just polishing up the title, the ninth outing really looks the part. Textures are more refined; animations are slick and there is less of that fragmented blur effect that Wii games are synonymous with.

Invitation Only

One tiresome feature of past Mario Party game was that no what, two and three player games would have AI players thrown into the mix to make up the numbers. Well, that is finally a thing of the past as this game finally lets you play smaller games with just your pals. The games are scaled based on your party size and it allows for a much more intimate experience.

The Verdict

Overall, Mario Party 9 does a great job of fixing the issues of its predecessor, while still adding some new features that add to the overall experience. The graphical enhancements, fun mini-games and scaled games for smaller parties are all great changes but the issue is that there is only so much you can do. This format has been running for what seems like an eternity and hasn’t really evolved since.


So, what we are saying is, this game is the best version of that we could have hoped for. However, as a series, Mario Party is a tired and worn-out machine that has been pushed to its limit. So, this novel addition to the roster is about as good as one could have expected.


  • A strong graphical overhaul
  • Fun and varied minigames
  • Fixes Wii related issues
  • Smaller parties are more fun


  • Board game format is oversimplified and linear
  • The overall format is tired and desperately needs a revamp

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

And we're back to the arguable king of party games with a ninth entry - Mario Party 9! However, after so many years of remarkably average offerings, the series has lost its allure in being the go-to game to get your friends involved. As one of the last games to make a stand on the Wii, platform - maybe it will try to capture some hearts and minds again?

Having the Last Wii

Mario Party 9 takes on the same themes and mini-games as its predecessor on the same hardware. While it felt the former didn't exploit the Wii remote's capabilities, the ninth installment tightens up over some more accessible and fun mini-games. Nothing has fundamentally changed within the traditional gameplay of Mario Party. However, this experience feels a little more wholesome.

All your Mario series favorites are playable against some of the more intriguing games the franchise has offered. Mario Party 9 features 82 challenges that make the hardware less frustrating to use, such as the Whomp Stomp and the Cheep Cheep Shot. It allows players to spend more time enjoying themselves rather than working out both the physical and in-game mechanics.

Fun, But Frustrating

Mario Party 9 is arguably one of the better offerings of recent times, giving the franchise a final bang on the Wii console. That's not to say that a lot of gameplay isn't lackluster. Again, the game seems rushed only to get it out rather than reinvigorate the Mario Party franchise. It's more balanced - but still far too luck-based for players to garner any continued interest in playing.

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