Mario Party 10

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a game by NDcube
Platform: Wii
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 18 votes
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Mario Party 10
Mario Party 10
Mario Party 10

The Mario Party series is one that, when it was originally released, was unlike any other video game. Sure, it was less an entirely new genre and more an amalgamation of a board/strategy game crossed with the various mini game styles. However, when it came out, video games were either ‘ports’ of a board game OR a video game, not really both. That’s what made the game so special to anyone that grew up with a Nintendo 64 or even played some of the later titles: it’s a magical combination that just works well for creating chaos among your friends. In fact, its done so well that multiple games have copied its formula, specifically Pummel Party and Cards of Chaos come to mind. Mario Party 10, a relatively recent installment, still had some of the charm of its predecessors, though it certainly wasn’t has beloved as they were for some good reasons.

Party in the Mushroom Kingdom

Although the formula stays much the same as in the first 9 installments, Mario Party 10 missed a lot of marks specifically for that reason.

There clearly wasn’t a lot of love and care that went into the designs of the boards, minigames, or game progression that really show when compared to other Mario Party games. This is especially evident because in Mario Party games, it is almost the standard to have a ton of fun mini games. Realistically, this title still capped out at 75 mini games, about par for the course given the last few MP’s, though there was something different about these. I couldn’t personally put my finger on it fully, however, I think this feeling of ‘off-ness’ can be ascribed to the lack of diversity between all of them. I don’t have a problem with many of them being derived from older mini games – they were favorites for a reason – but the way each minigame was executed was disappointing. There weren’t any fun twists or really any new ideas to make those old mini games a bit more interesting. Those that tried to do this were In essence, they were just sort of put into the game; they’re still fun in their own rite, its just that they aren’t innovative and are incredibly short.

Bowser Mode was Alright

Bowser Mode was definitely the silver lining in this game – this mode essentially turns every game into a 1v all mode where the player who chooses Bowser is always trying to trip up the other 3. The goal of the other players is to make it to the end of the board without losing all their hearts – Bowser, of course, trie to stop them. Minigames trigger once Bowser catches up to a player. At its worst, it perhaps comes off as an afterthought.

Bottom Line

At its best, however, its clear Nintendo wanted to capitalize on the chaos and further ruin friendships. I’m still struggling to get over some close losses in Bowser’s Roulette Rage. Unsurprisingly still raging after that one.


After Mario Party 9 changed up the formula a bit, MP 10 basically did nothing with it and further created a less enjoyable experience by having less fun minigames and less boards overall. Its not terrible, but not great either.


  • Chaotic with friends
  • Games can last a while, still fun
  • Controls are quite good if your joycons/gamepad are fully functional


  • Unimaginative minigames and boards
  • Boards are short and gimmicks basically lack fun
  • Minigames are way too short/quick

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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