Mass Effect Trilogy

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a game by BioWare
Platform: Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Mass Effect Trilogy
Mass Effect Trilogy
Mass Effect Trilogy
Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect games are a well-known RPG shooter that was originally released back in 2007, and due to its popularity, received two more games, and until this day, the Mass Effect Trilogy is considered to be one of the best RPG franchises out there. So fans were extremely happy when BioWare announced that a remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy was going to be released.

What Is New

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, gamers get to experience the old games with brand new graphics, textures, better resolution, faster loading time, and higher framerate. You get to replay the trilogy, and you also get access to almost every DLC that was released for each game. This is a nice surprise to the old-school fans, but it also opens up the possibility for new players to experience the game now with improved graphics.

They focused on improving the game in every way possible, and not only does it look visually better, but a character creator was added, that gives you customization options to all three games. You can now also choose to play as the female Commander Shepard in every game. So now you can play a better and improved version of these three amazing games.

Choose Your Future

In Mass Effect, you control an elite human soldier known as Commander Sheppard. And in all three games, during conversations with characters, you will be presented with different responses. And the way you interact with other characters will impact Shepard’s morality. If you’re polite and thoughtful with others, you will be more charming, but if you choose to be hostile and aggressive, you will become more intimidating. Your morality will affect how the game ends, and will also change how people see you.

When starting another game, you can choose to import your save, and doing so will carry some of the decisions you made in the previous game, and it will impact how the story goes in the game you’re currently playing. You will also be rewarded with some bonuses by doing that.

Gameplay-wise, the game retains all of its original games mechanics, but all of them received improvements to make all three games’ playability feel more consistent. During combat, you take control of Commander Shepard, and you can have two more squad members to assist you in battle. These squad members cannot be controlled directly, but you can issue them some orders during combat. Battles happened in real-time, but you can also choose to pause the games so that you can choose your skills, and change weapons.


Mass Effect is similar to games like Cyberpunk 2077, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, as it is a game where certain actions you take can alter how the story goes. The Mass Effect Trilogy is a great RPG game, with extremely well-written characters, an amazing story, and engaging combat.


If you never played them before, you can now experience these games as if they were brand new thanks to the Legendary Edition, which gave the game an amazing upgrade to its graphics and mechanics.


  • Outstanding characters
  • Intuitive controls
  • Incredible story


  • Mass Effect 1 has many reused assets
  • Graphis overshadow the tone and mood of the original

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Playstation 3

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