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Take a bow, 2K Sports. Despite a number of console port-related issues (a lot of which are to do with the controls) you've managed to piss all over the combined efforts of at least three years-worth of NBA Live games on the PC. The fact EA have decided not to bother releasing a carbon-copy version of last year's game is the icing on the cake for 2I< Sports, who arrive without any competition to plug-the alley oop-shaped hole in the market.

NBA 2K9 is as close as it is currently possible to get to playing a real game of basketball without wearing oversized clown trainers and stretching yourself on a rack until you're 7ft tall. It looks gorgeous too when moving (screenshots don't do it justice at all) and the whole TV-style presentation is brilliantly done.

The in-game action feels physical, with powerful blocks sending players tumbling to the hardwood and glassrattling dunks made special by their scarcity. If you don't play a proper game of basketball, you'll lose - it's as simple as that. NBA 2K9 is all about working the basketball and manoeuvring the defence to create open shots, just like in a real game.

All in all, PC fans of the sport should thank their lucky stars 2K Sports have decided to finally bring the game over from consoles, although the port hasn't been carried out as well as we'd have liked. For example, when using a keyboard for control, buttons are still labelled as if they were on a controller, which is sloppy. But once you've learned what number corresponds to what key, you'll be fine, and it's worth persevering as 2K have slammed a 360 windmill dunk into the face of EA Sports with this game.

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