Need For Speed Carbon

Genre: Racing
Platform: XBox 360
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Need For Speed Carbon
Need For Speed Carbon
Need For Speed Carbon
Need For Speed Carbon

Apparently, in the real world--much like in video-games--inner-city street racing has become as played out as Vin Diesel's career. (Sorry kids, The Pacifier's poop jokes are simply not cool.) People continue to drive quickly and furiously, though. Thrill-seeking speed freaks have traded neon-lit city streets for treacherous mountain roads, making for a far more dangerous racing experience. EA is following their fearless lead with Need for Speed Carbon, where the real competition will be out on them hills.

But wasn't the downhill racing bit done to death before the more recent trend of urban street racing? "Other downhill games failed to deliver a true sense of speed and danger on the canyon/mountain courses," says Executive Producer Larry LaPierre. "I think you'll find that Need For Speed Carbon has been able to truly capture the emotional experience of racing on the edge." Expect to get a little emotional during the all-new Canyon Duels--tense one-on-one races along craggy cliffs that promise to bring a fresh feel to this slightly stagnant series.

Still, this rockier setting doesn't mean Carbon will completely abandon the free-roaming, urban racing backdrop of the last couple editions. But now you need to be more aware of your activities and notoriety than ever before "The more you race in one particular area of the city, the greater the heat will become in that area," explains LaPierre "forcing the players to look for other places to race." And that's the reason why you and your crew will take the really important races to the canyons and mountains on the outskirts of town.

Crew? What crew? Well, that's the other notable addition to Carbon. During your travels through the illegal racing underworld, you'll meet and recruit crew members who'll help you both on and off the track. Join forces with the right gear-heads and they'll block or charge other drivers during a race, while others will hook you up with discounts on new car parts. This inventive crew concept will also carry over to Carbon's online arena, where you'll be able to draft other players to join your squad.

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