Not Tonight 2

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a game by PanicBarn
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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Not Tonight 2
Not Tonight 2
Not Tonight 2
Not Tonight 2

I thought the first game was great, but Not Tonight 2 is looking to expand on what that first game brought to the table. While I was really into the Brexit setting of the first game as I am from the UK. For the sequel, they are in the USA in an America that really is not a nice place to be if you are suspected of being an immigrant. It is powerful stuff with a dark sense of humor and if you enjoyed the first game, I would bet that this is going to be something you get a great deal out of as well.

America Is Broken!

The setting for Not Tonight 2 is the good old USA, only it is not so good anymore. Eduardo Suarez was attending a protest and got rounded up! Now he is being threatened with deportation unless his three buddies, Kevin, Malik, and Mari can make their way across the USA and get his documents in time.

They also have to look after themselves, make money and try to stay out of trouble too. I think the humor in this game is a bit more well done than the first. Yes, it is a very serious situation and it never loses sight of that, but the dark humor is very well done. Visually the game is very similar to the first one with its retro 2D style, but I am fine with that. Some of the areas are awesome, I really love Salt Lake City with all its neon church signs.

Road Trip!

The gameplay in Not Tonight 2 is rather similar to the first game. You are going across the country and you need to work on the doors of different places as you go, like in the first game. I like how this one is much more diverse with the places you will be working at and the mini-games that are your “jobs” are a fun distraction and help add variety to the gameplay. You will be working places such as a church, a casino, a race track, and even a cult! You will have to serve up food, check people’s religion, do some word association, and even more. I think they have really stepped up the overall gameplay here as there is much more to do.

The Dream Team

There are three branching stories in Not Tonight 2 so there is a lot of replay value here. They make it a point to mention that the stories are written by POC and I think that is pretty cool, it is awesome that more game companies are being more diverse with their employees.

As I have said a few times the writing is very well done and I think the fact you have more choices and the story can go in more directions gives this way more replay value than the first one.


I thought that the first game was truly fantastic stuff. Even though I am not from the USA, I still think that the story Not Tonight 2 is telling is one that is very easy to emphasize with, it is an issue we see all over the news and this game throws you right in the middle of that. The management aspect I feel is much better this time around thanks to the increased number of places you can work the doors of as well as the new mini-games.


  • I think the story this game is telling is very good
  • It has some very well written dark humor
  • You have to go across the USA, working different places as you go
  • There are new mini-games to make the gameplay more varied


  • Once you have seen all three of the story paths, not sure if there is much after that
  • The visuals of the game have that same style, so if you did not like it in the first game, you will not like it here

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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