Polaris SnoCross

a game by The Golden Gate Game Company
Genre: Racing
Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64
Editor Rating: 4/10, based on 1 review
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Polaris SnoCross
Polaris SnoCross
Polaris SnoCross
Polaris SnoCross

Sponsored by Polaris, one of the biggest snowmobile manufacturers in the world Polaris Snocross is all about super-fast snow racing. There are 16 upgradable snowmobiles on offer with realistic handling and you can race across 10 different tracks. Like Wave Race there is the opportunity to show off with tricks if you want to, but at the end of the day this game is more about serious racing than anything else.

First Impressions

It's fast, it's furious and it seems like a lot of fun. We've had a lot of racing games for the N64 but this looks like being a little different. The handling of the snowmobiles makes for a different kind of game On the same way that the jetbikes did in Wave Race) and as a result Polaris Snocross shows a huge amount of potential.

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