Predator 2

a game by Perfect 10 Productions Limited, and Teeny Weeny Games
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis Sega Master SystemSega Master System
Genres: Action, Arcade Classics, Shooting Games
Rating: 8/10
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TOP SECRET! CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT! EYES ONLY! SIIRED AFTER READING Date: August 15, 1997 To: Lt. Michael P. Harrigan, LAPD Subject: A State of Emergency ** **Los Angeles is a war zone. Rival gangs are battling it out in the streets. Contraband drugs are everywhere. Many officers are being held hostage, and there have been a series of bizarre, unexplainable murders. Your mission, Officer Harrigan., is to eradicate the gangs, confiscate the illegal drugs, and rescue the hostages. You are also to investigate the mysterious murders taking place throughout the city.

Hunter or Hunted?

With these orders you hit the streets to clean up a crime wave that'll curl your hair. Predator 2 is run 'n‘ gun, shoot-or-be- shot, one-player, vertically- and horizontally-scrolling action with a 3/4 overhead view. Roughly based on the movie, Predator 2 the game pits you, as Lieutenant Harrigan, against rampaging gang members and a mysterious force of extremely violent aliens. If you think the odds sound impossible, not to worry. Predator 2's bark is definitely worse than its bite.

In each of the game's seven levels, your object is to rescue a certain number of hostages scattered throughout the level and then exit. You hunt through such diverse locales as the streets of the city, a slaughterhouse, and the subterranean alien headquarters. As you search for each hostage, you confront hordes of gang members toting everything from sawed-off shotguns to chain saws. Your strategy in every level is quite simple: run, shoot, and grab hostages.

ProTip: Once the hostages are safe, the Predator's going after you. Keep dodging and weaving or you're mincemeat.

There is one complication. The Predators, alien bad guys with voracious appetites for human flesh, are busy hunting up dinner. They're happy to snack on defenseless hostages, and they're messy eaters. You've got to reach the hostages first, or it's shake and bake.

Watch where the Predator's target moves. It'll give you clues as to the location of hostages.

Reasonable Force

Your mission would be totally hopeless if you weren't as well armed as the gang members, but you are! Power-ups abound in the form of more powerful weapons (grenades, rifles, scatter guns, and sawed-off shotguns). These weapons easily enable you to hold your own against gang members, as well as the various vehicles they use.

  • For super power-ups, blow up large vehicles, such as helicopters and taxis.
  • To destroy the giant truck at the end of Level 6, run to the right and fire at the truck's cab until the entire thing blows.
  • It's hard to fire accurately on the diagonal. Your best bet is to hold down Button B (which holds your character in the direction it's facing). Then press left and right on you control pad to take out waves of attacking gang goons.

Human weaponry, however, won't make much of a dent in alien skins. You can stun Predators with regular weapons, but to destroy them you must capture actual alien weapons, such as the Spear and the Flying Disk.

You won't survive Level 7 without alien weapons.

Let Us Prey

Predator 2 is a sort of Ikari Warriors or Guerilla War with a science fiction theme. The graphics and sound don't really show off the Genesis' capabilities. Although, nice digitized movie images appear between levels. Challenge-wise, the game is adjustable. However, advanced gamers won't break a sweat even on the hardest setting -- especially with the password feature. Predator 2 definitely the Arena's two alien titles but run ‘n' gun fans just might want to hunt it down.

User Reviews

It comes from a distant world to hunt humans for sport. First it stalked in the jungle; now the Predator has decided to kill more victims on the streets of Los Angeles in the video game version of the movie.

Take on the role of Lieutenant Mike Harrigan and infiltrate the rival gang territories on your way to the alien mother ship. As you waste the enemy goons, hostages must be saved in order to clear a stage.

Great sound effects and funky music might make you dance instead of play. Along the way, there is tons of high-tech government hardware as well as alien items to use. Punish the Predator by choosing your weapons carefully, and make him the prey!

reggie posted a review
  • Acclaim / Genesis

Predator 2 is just as exciting as the box office smash! With crime on the rise, the Predators have returned to collect their trophies: human heads! You and your elite group of fighters have taken on the challenge of stopping the Predators before it is too late! Set in a 3-D overhead view, Predator 2 will thrill all fans of the movie!

reggie posted a review

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