R-Type Final 2

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a game by Granzella
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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R-Type Final 2
R-Type Final 2
R-Type Final 2

R-Type Final 2 is a game that is over a decade in the making. While this is not the first game in the series in two decades like they are claiming. It is a sequel to an awesome game and something that I cannot wait to play. This series has been something I have enjoyed since my arcade days in the 80s.

The Bydo Empire

This is bringing classic R-Type formula that we all know and love, but they are adding in some modern gaming stuff too. No one has ever accused this franchise of being heavy on story and I am cool with that. The basics of what are going on in R-Type Final 2 as far as the story goes is that the Bydo Empire and their alien monster ships are up to no good again and it is up to you to take the fight to them and put them in their place. It gives you a few breadcrumbs for a story and that is more than enough for me. There are aliens and you want them dead that is all you need to know!


If you have played past games in the series, it is the visuals that will grab your attention here first. This game looks amazing! It 100-percent has that R-Type style with the enemy designs and the bug Hulking bosses that stand in your way. However, they have made the ships, levels, and so on in full 3D (even though the game is still a 2D shooter) and it is very impressive.

I know that some people will probably be against this and wish that they did the game in a retro style. I though am giving them a pass on this as there are too many retro pixel style shooters out there so it was cool that R-Type Final 2 is trying something a bit different.

Shooting Them All

One thing that the series is very well known for is being very difficult and that is the case here too. This is not a shooter for those of you who are not willing to roll up your sleeves, learn enemy patterns and just flat out get good at the game. It takes some serious skill to get to the end of a game like this and it takes even more skill to get a high score. The leaderboards is where the action is at and I am fancying myself to rank pretty damn high on there.

Your Ship, Your Fight, Your Style

The customization aspect of R-Type Final 2 is something that I am not sure was needed, but at the same time, I think this could be what adds the depth and replay value to the game. You can customize your ship to your liking. You have different designs that can make it look cool, but it is your loadout that really lets you put your stamp on it. If you are having a hard time in a level, changing your loadout can be what you need to get past a tricky section.


It is awesome to see one of the all-time classic shooters back in the form of R-Type Final 2! This game is going to be great for you shooter fans out there, especially if you are someone who grew up with R-Type. The way it has managed to keep the soul of the original games, but add in a few modern conveniences is something I give them a ton of credit for.


  • The new stylish visuals are really cool
  • It has a thumping soundtrack
  • The customization aspect is something that is very interesting
  • The leaderboards are going to add a real sense of competition to this


  • I am sure the new visuals will not be to everyone’s taste
  • This is one very hard as nails shooter

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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