Return Fire

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a game by Silent Software
Genre: Action
Platforms: Playstation, 3DO
Editor Rating: 8.4/10, based on 4 reviews, 7 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 6 votes
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Return Fire is a brilliantly conceived thrill-a-minute war sim offering dynamic sound, over 100 levels, and intense two-player machine-gun fun. Its tireless combination of mayhem and strategy make it a must-have for PlayStation owners.

Battle Frenzy

By strategically deploying tanks, helicopters, jeeps, and armored assault vehicles, you must find the enemy's flag and return it safely to your base. That goal sounds easy but gets increasingly complex with each mission because of heavy fire, decoys, and traps. The control is easy to learn, and every vehicle has special abilities and weapons. The AAV drops mines, the jeep is amphibious, and the helicopter can destroy enemy installations.

When you draw up battle lines for the two-player mode, be prepared for some of the craziest and most mind-numbing action you'll ever play. You can defeat your opponent not only by capturing their flag but by destroying all their vehicles. Be prepared for a war in your living room as well as you scream back and forth about the game until someone claims victory. The vast number of levels increases the two-player fun because you'll never fight the same battle twice. Each new map needs added strategy, causing every fight to be different, and ultimately giving you more bang for the buck.

The graphics are reminiscent of Jungle Strike, with a -overhead view that allows you to zoom in and out at any time. Tremendous attention was paid to visual details, such as buildings that don't blow up but crumble to the ground.

Apocalypse Now

Never before has sound been so instrumental to a game's success than in Return Fire. Each vehicle has its own classic number accompanying it, including 'The Ride of the Valkyries" for the helicopter and "The Flight of the Bumble Bee" for the jeep. Discover the flag and you're greeted by the "Hallelujah Chorus."


The bloodbath battle barrage known as Return Fire proves that war can also be heaven. This is one of the best PlayStation games of the year.


  • Run over soldiers in the barracks before they escape and throw grenades at you.
  • In the two-player mode, destroy the bridges that surround your opponent in order to limit the options of vehicles.
  • Completely demolish the building the flag Is In, or the jeep woni be able to pick it up.
  • Use the helicopter to fly reconnaissance and try to find possible locations for the Rag.
  • Use the AAV to clear a safe path for the jeep by taking out all enemies in the road between the flag and your base.
  • Eliminate all the missile silos with your tank or AAV so you won't be fired upon while looking for the flag tower.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Games that are unique and fun to play seem rare these days, but a little-known developer, Prolific Software, is about to strike gold with a war simulator that's both original and eminently playable.

Best with a Bullet

The story line is simple, if not sweet. The box states the goal is to "Demolish, devastate, desolate...destroy, destroy, destroy." You don't get a manual, but onscreen help covers the game's basics and the workings of the four vehicles (helicopter, tank, armored support vehicle, and jeep),

The game's controls are elementary. At worst, it'll take you a short time to become familiar with how each vehicle operates.

Return Fire is a combination of the best parts of playing Capture the Flag, Desert Strike, and Micro Machines. In each mission, you search for the tower with the enemy's flag, snag the flag with the jeep, and return it to your bunker.

All the while, you have to avoid your foe's armaments. Two-player action pits you similarly against a friend.

Razzle Dazzle

Return Fire's graphics really shine. A 3D angled-overhead view of the battlefield changes relative to the speed of your vehicle. It would have been nice if you could customize the camera's perspective, but maybe a sequel will provide that feature.

With vivid sound effects, the audio is both striking and humorous. Classical standards play for each vehicle and synchronize with the action. For instance, when you grab the enemy's flag with your jeep, the frantic trip back to the bunker is accompanied by "Flight of the Bumble Bee."

It's No Bomb

Return Fire's elegant design and amusing sense of humor make it an original addition to the 3DO library. Small touches, like a marker to show which of the 106 missions you've finished, would've made the game almost perfect.

Never mind, though-the gameplay is filled with cinematic flair that's generally reserved for cut scenes, and all of its elements are entertaining with little fluff. Who says war has to be hell?


  • Use the helicopter for initial surveillance. It can't go far without filling up, though, and it's also an easy target.
  • When you're In danger of losing a damaged vehicle, return to the bunker for repairs.
  • Before you head out, use the mission map to study the geography and the locations of the enemy.
  • The armored support vehicle is good for picking off the drones as they fly by. To target them, watch the green dot on the radar screen.
  • Quickly hit Down on the control pad to straighten out as you drive the jeep over a bridge.

People say:


Return Fire reminds me of the weeks I spent playing Herzog Zwei. That game is the closest comparison. Return Fire sports some really good graphics, lots of strategy and great music. In an industry flooded with sports and fighting carts, this comes as a breath of fresh air. The game play is refined, and each vehicle plays differently. Two-player competitions are also a plus. It's a top-rate 3DO title.


Not being a big fan of war simulation games, I was pretty impressed with Return Fire. Although I thought the graphics were dithered, it didn't detract from its fine play mechanics. Unlike most games, its full-motion video was not the main emphasis. The music and sound effects totally get you into the game. War sim fans will love this, and casual gamers will not be disappointed. Not bad.


I was eagerly awaiting this one ever since I saw it at CES, and I'm glad I wasn't disappointed. Return Fire scores serious points for Its originality in a market filled with copy-cat titles. I can't remember when I've had this much fun with a game, especially when you jam with two players. The classical soundtrack fits the game perfectly. If you still don't own a 3DO yet, you should.


This is an example of what the 3DO can do. Instead of using lots of live-action video displays, it resorts to down-and-dirty game play. Normally, I don't get into all the war-torn genre, but this game has great control, very good graphics and tons of interaction plus game play to keep your attention. Whether you're into strategy or action titles, this game is challenging and fun to play. Try it, you'll like it!

Somewhere on an island in the Pacific you and your troops are on a mission i--to capture the enemy flag, destroy his base and take control of the island. You have four pieces of military hardware to help you accomplish the mission. The tank, helicopter, A.S.V. are all powerful weapons but they are all unique.

This game can also be played in One-or Two-Player Mode. Other features include awesome scaling effects that keeps the playing field at just the right perspective. There is also an option to choose the language that the game is in so that the game can be enjoyed by people all over the world.


This game is basically good. Everything from the graphics and game play to the concept is well done.


This game is so addictive you might have to go to rehab!!


The landscape after the A.S.V. goes into battle with guns blazing!

If you're getting tired of Return Fire, the add-on Maps O' Death breathes new life into the year-old game, offering more than 100 fresh levels filled with the carnage and insanity Fire fans love.

Great gameplay enhanced by crazy maps 5nd endless enemies. The sound booms with rftagnificence and the graphics include minute details like helicopters blowing into pieces and scattering in the water.

A day without playing Maps O' Death is like a day lived in infamy.


  • In areas where you're surrounded by enemies, take out one side first, so you have an escape route later if necessary.
  • Cross water in the shallow light-blue section as an alternative to using a bridge.

Toward the end of 1994, 3DO owners were fortunate enough to benefit from the release of Return Fire, an amazing strategy game which distilled decades of military action games into a manic version of "Capture The Flag." The gaming press went hog-wild over Return Fire's smooth interface, its easy controls and its great replay value.Time Warner Interactive is doing the smart thing this Spring by allowing owners of the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Saturn to join in the militaristic fun.

The conflicts take place on a series of unidentified islands in the middle of the ocean.The enemy has no face or national colors, he simply has a flag--a flag which you must do anything to recover.The road to getting back your flag is a hard one, because your enemy is also trying to get it; so in addition to offense, you have to think about defense. From your bunker hideout, you can launch helicopters, tanks, ASVs and Humvees. Each has its own special abilities, and part of the strategy of the game involves deciding which vehicles to use at which juncture. For example, your tank is great for mowing down enemy installations, but it's almost useless when you're under air attack.Your Humvee is speedy, but it has almost no armor; so you must keep it in reserve until you locate the enemy flag and are ready to transport it back to base and so on and so forth....

This version of Return Fire has many new features which improve on the original.There's a zoom feature which lets you see your vehicles lay waste to island paradises up close, a full-screen feature, map-by-map passwords, an improved radar and improved scrolling.

In addition to the new features, one of the most important old features from the 3 DO version has been kept intact: the music. One of the most attractive elements of Return Fire in its original incarnation was the use of great classical themes to accentuate the action, and happily, they're still here.When you're doing a Patton in your tank, you'll be treated to the sound of Holst's "Mars: Bringer ofWar"; as you're playing cowboy in a chopper, you'll be able to riff on Apocalypse Now by listening to Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries"; the list goes on, and all the pieces sound great. Look for Return Fire sometime in late March, and remember: Men make funny noises when you run them over with a tank; so do it often and with relish.

One of the best games to ever come out for the 3 DO, Return Fire was the biggest reason, at one point, to purchase one of these machines.Time Warner has now made it possible for us to play this masterpiece on our PlayStation. Drive tanks, jeeps and helicopters around and blow stuff up in a quest to capture the enemy's flag; that's what this game is all about. Return Fire plays like a cross between Desert Strike and "capture the flag". If you want, play against a friend for maximum carnage.

Return Fire is a brilliant game with some kickin' sound and tasty graphics. A must for you PlayStation library.

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