Rugby Challenge 2

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a game by Tru Blu
Platform: XBox 360
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Rugby Challenge 2
Rugby Challenge 2
Rugby Challenge 2
Rugby Challenge 2

I have to admit that I am much more of a football fan than a rugby fan, but Rugby Challenge 2 was a pretty big deal when it was released back in 2013. Rugby is a sport that has not been shown the same kind of love and attention that sports such as football, basketball, American football, hockey, and baseball have been. As a result, fans are willing to take what they can get. The original game had some major problems and people were hopeful this would fix them.

The Career Mode

The amount of time I spend each year in the FIFA career mode is crazy and I know that when Rugby Challenge 2 was released, many people were hopeful of a career mode that would offer the same kind of thing. Well, it is nearly there. You pick your chosen team and you try to make them the biggest rugby team that you can. If you are a diehard rugby fan, I am sure that you will have a lot of fun with this mode.

The Pro Evo Of Rugby Games

A major problem that Rugby Challenge 2 has is the lack of licenses. There are some licensed teams and they look great, as do the players. However, I would say if you were to add it all up that there is more unlicensed teams and players than there are licensed in this game. It is kind of like what Pro Evolution Soccer has going on where you know who a team is supposed to be, but the developers were not allowed to use the real name.

Big Beefy Dudes

One thing that the previous game had going for it was the graphics. Even with the lack of licenses, I felt that the players looked good and were nice and thick. The stadiums and the TV-style presentation were pretty solid too. For a game that I feel did not exactly have the biggest budget, I feel that they did actually do a decent job of trying to make this look like a TV broadcast.

The menus are a bit brighter and easier to navigate as they move a lot quicker than they did last year. The game is just a tad more polished than it was last year and in all, I think they did a decent job in that regard, even the audio is improved. Well, it was not exactly great last year, but at least there is more dialogue during commentary now.

So Close To A “Try”

The gameplay is pretty easy to jump into and figure out. They tried to add in a lot more to Rugby Challenge 2 than was in the last game. When in a scrum or taking a throw, you feel like you have a lot more choices at your disposal. I feel that there are some great ideas here, but there are some AI problems that can be very annoying. The best example I can give you is that you have many defensive things that you can run, but no matter what you do most of the time your players just all run after the guy with the ball.

The game is not broken, but there are many annoyances that can happen such as your players being far too distant from the player with the ball. These things can add up and make the game less enjoyable overall.


Look, Rugby Challenge 2 is better than the previous year's game and the new changes that they made here are welcomed. However, many of the gameplay problems that were present in the last game are still here and this can be very frustrating. Back in the day, this was pretty much all we had, but now I feel there are much better rugby games out there than this one.


  • The character models look decent enough
  • I think they did a great job with the stadiums
  • The career mode is great for fans of the sport
  • It is at least better than the previous game


  • The AI can be very frustrating
  • The lack of licenses can ruin the overall immersion

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