Super Spy Hunter

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a game by Sunsoft
Genre: Racing
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Super Spy Hunter
Super Spy Hunter
Super Spy Hunter
Super Spy Hunter

It's been a long time between missions, but Super Spy Hunter is finally here. This super looking spy sequel from SunSoft puts you in the year 2525, where the CIA has learned that the international terrorist "X" plans to launch a covert attack on the United Nations with the Ultimate War Weapon! All of the best agents have already tried to foil X's plans, but failed.

So, they turn to you, an unofficial agent, codename Super Spy Hunter. Now it's up to you to prove that they should have sent you in the first place!

Planes, Boats, and Automobiles

After all these years, you might think the old spy-mobile's a little rusty. But now you can not only cruise the highways and skim the surf, you can also fly the unfriendly skies in classic shoot-em-up fashion.

ProTip: Don't let these rocky roads freak you out, just stay on the white line in the center of the road and continue forward.

Get Smart

The Spy Hunter Weapons Vehicles have also powered up for this 90's update. True Blue items include super smart bombs, the crushing cannon attack, and that old favorite, oil slicks. Red items contain rapid fire and homing missiles. Unlike the friendly method of obtaining weapons in Spy Hunter, this time around you blast open the Weapons Truck when it displays the item you want.

  • When you first see a truck, soften it up with a few shots. That way you don't risk accidentally blasting open the wrong weapon.
  • Early on in the game it's best to build up your Life Gauge with the Red items and 1-Ups with the Blue item. Power up weapons later.

Super Spy Hunting

Super Spy Hunter features six tough missions, and each one has an even tougher Mission Boss. New to this game are slanting, sliding, curving roads and jump ramps. Mission One, Aquapolis, puts you to the test with broken off roads, jump ramps on moving trucks, and, of course, water. Mission One's boss, the Armored Transport, tries to smash you into spy- pulp as a helicopter bombs away at you.

  • Generally, the path to the right is slightly easier.
  • To avoid being crushed, keep moving in a circular pattern around the Armored Transport.
  • Whenever you see the jump warning, speed up! If you don't, you'll soon find yourself at the bottom of an ocean.

Mission Two storms into the Desert of Doom, where you'll meet the Turret TTerminator. He's no Schwarzenegger, but he has the goods to blow you away. After that, you take a Hazardous Detour in Mission Three. Here the game really heats up with the toughest boss yet, Laser Cannon.

Mission Four's Collapsible Canyon draws you straight into the Magnetic Destroyer. Now, you take to the skies for the Amphibious/Aerial Assault in Mission Five. Defeat the Space Cruiser and you'll finally reach X's weapons factory. Only the best gamers will see what lies at the end of Mission Six.

Spies Like Us

What action fan hasn't wanted to be a spy involved in international espionage? That's part of what makes Super Spy Hunter, well, super. That and the great graphics, huge bosses, and fancy power-ups. They said a sequel could never match Spy Hunter -- never say never again.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Type: Action
  • Available: Autumn 1991
  • Difficulty: Hard

Spy Hunter has reserved a place in the classics of the coin-op games. Now the sequel is soon to hit the screens of the NES! Have your car dash through the city streets, waterways, and many other panoramas as you try to destroy as many other enemy cars before they get you! Your weapons have been greatly enhanced so that you have 3-way flying packs and missiles with the classic oil slicks and others!

People say:


Spy Hunter is a classic arcade game and the NES sequel is just as cool. The game play is great and there are a ton of good power-ups. Graphics are good, if a little bit washed-out. Good solid action that would be even cooler with the possibilities offered on the Super NES.


Sunsoft is on a roll. They are picking and producing great games for all the systems. Super Spy Hunter fits this mold and is solid excitement! Great variety of screens, good weapons and above average graphics. Exceptional control and just a great game overall.


I like Spy Hunter in the arcade and on the NES and this sequel is worthy of the Spy Hunter name. There are a number of cool power-ups and the game play is very good. The graphics are a bit pastel but the cool road effects and fast action make up for the game's minor flaws.


Super Spy Hunter is radically cool! I liked the arcade coin-op, so this addition the NES library is welcome! The graphics are excellent and the weapons are out-of-this-world! The music is jamming (for a Nintendo), and the control is rock-solid. SSH's only fault is the 8-bit limitations.

It's the year 2525, and the United is under threat of attack from the wicked international terrorist known as "X." All attempts to thwart X's efforts have failed, and in a last ditch effort the C.I.A. has called upon you, Super Spy Hunter the non-official agent, to get the job done. A Super-Charged Racer, an Aqua Blaster water craft, and the Turbo Copter are all primed and ready to help you blast your way through the seven, multi-dimensional stages in this high action thriller. Move over 007, Super Spy Hunter is on his way!

Pilot the next generation of supercharged pursuit craft in this newly converted arcade classic. The action takes place on land, in the water and up in the skies as you chase the forces of evil all over the country. With pseudo-revolving scrolling and multidimensional graphics, Super Spy Hunter is light years beyond the original! Coming in April.

The sequel to the classic coin-op game will be on the NES very soon! This version contains more power-ups and weapons. There are three way shots, guided missiles, and floating turrets above you car. Naturally, you can get many special weapons like oil slicks, smoke screen, and smart bombs. The scrolling is some of the best ever on the NES. The variety of streets, roadways, bridges, and even waterways is extensive! You can leap across ramps, have spikes protrude out of your hubcaps to dice up the opponents wheels, and get many other amusing yet deadly weapons. All fans of the arcade are going to be thoroughly head over heels over this cart!

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