Tails of Iron

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a game by Odd Bug Studio
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Tails of Iron
Tails of Iron
Tails of Iron
Tails of Iron

Think of it like a 2D souls game was how a buddy described Tails of Iron to me. That along with the fantastic hand drawn art style really made me take notice of this game. On the steam page, they straight up tell you that this game is brutally difficult so that right there should let you know if this is an adventure that you should be going on. I for one, think that this looks like a very interesting game and while it may be hard, I think that it also has a great deal of charm as well.

The Rise Of The Rat King!

The setting of Tails of Iron is very cool. We play as a rat called, Redgi and Redgi is the next in line for the throne! That should be awesome, but The Frog Clan has invaded and now things lay in ruins and you need to go on a wild adventure to put them in their place and also take your rightful seat on the throne!

Brutal Combat!

Brutal combat is a phrase that the developers like to use a great deal when they are talking about this game. Tails of Iron has combat that is hard to master, but it is also very rewarding once you do. You cannot just start swinging a weapon like a maniac! You have to study your enemies and learn their patterns, make use of parrying, and use your various abilities in the right situation. There are some cool enemies in this game like zombie frogs and there are also some very intense boss battles for you to contend with as well.

The Right Stuff!

You need to think about the kind of gear that you are wearing and the weapons that you are using in the game. You can wear heavy gear that is much more powerful and offers better defensive abilities, but it makes you slower. An ax can deal one hell of a smack, but keeping your distance with a bow and arrow can have its advantages too. There are many ways to go about things and as you progress you will find blueprints to make powerful weapons and items to make food that will help you too.

Gather Round Children

The first thing that captures your attention in Tails of Iron is the visuals. It looks like a children’s storybook; all be it a dark and violent storybook that has come to life.

The hand drawn characters and environments look amazing and when they move, they have an almost papercraft thing about them. This is a truly gorgeous looking game, one of the best of the year actually. As well as these great visuals it offers a tremendous soundtrack including narration from industry veteran, Doug Cockle.


If you like challenging RPGs then Tails of Iron is a game that you have to consider checking out. The whole world that they have created here and the way the game looks and sounds make it one of the most epic 2D adventure games to be released this year. The combat is tough, but it is the kind of thing that will make you feel like the greatest gamer alive when you finally make it past a tricky section that has caused you a great deal of trouble.


  • This game looks amazing
  • The narration does a wonderful job of bringing the story to life
  • While the combat is hard, it is fair and based on skill
  • There are many things to collect on your adventure


  • This game may be too difficult for some people
  • Some of the members of the Frog Clan are kind of gross!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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