The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing

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a game by Distinctive Software, Inc.
Platform: PC (1989)
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 3 votes
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The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing
The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing
The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing
The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing

Successful motor cyclists, like world-class snooker players, are intuitive physicists and mathematicians. Both sports require the precise application of mathematical and physical principles to real world objects, but neither snooker players nor motor cyclists can use mathematical tables, calculators or computers to help them out. they have to 'feel' their way instead.

In the case of motor cycling, the skill comes in having an intuitive feel for the way centrifugal force, forward velocity, tyre grip and counterbalancing lean all contribute to the stability of the bike, or lack of it at different places on a race track. Changing through a total angle of lean something of the order of 80 to 90 degrees while hurtling through a chicane at 70 miles per hour, may look like a breeze from the comfort of your armchair, but there are not many individuals capable, or even courageous enough to attempt it. So where's all this leading? To the plain fact that a good motor cycling simulation manages to encompass both the brute force and the subtleties of the sport, while The Cycles does neither. To be fair, The Cycles is at a pensionable age now, so it's not surprising that it doesn't meet my criteria. Later games, like Team Suzuki, have come a lot closer.

If you are prepared to look upon The Cycles as an arcade game rather than a simulation, then there are some redeeming features. For starters, you can set a difficulty level ranging from 'wimp out' mode to 'Barry Sheen's a nancy cry baby' mode, so everyone should be able to find a level at which the game is quite challenging. All of the major world circuits are included and there is a choice of 125CC, 250CC, and 500CC. You can practice any of the circuits, in which case you get the luxury of the whole track to yourself. Otherwise you can take part in a single race or a complete championship.

The Cycles is an interesting bit of nostalgia but. frankly, not worth this price, even if you're a motorcycle fan.

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