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a game by GOOD BOYS
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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You need to check out TRAIL OUT if you love your racing games to be wild, over the top and just flat out crazy! This is one of the most fun looking racing games to be released in quite some time. It is taking some of the best elements from other arcade and vehicular combat style racers and slamming them together in one epic package. As I am so into this game, I thought we could have a little bit of fun by looking at some of the cool features that this game has to offer.

Going For The Cup!

TRAIL OUT does actually have a single-player story mode. It is a rather simple story, but a really fun one nonetheless. We play as a racer called, Mihalych who is taking part in crazy races all over the world to prove he is the best. The problem is these are not just standard races and he will have to take on the boss racers if he wants to not just win the cup, but also survive! It seems like fun stuff that is not taking itself too seriously and it will be a fun way to get to grips with the way the game controls.

So Much Crazy Racing Action

One of the things that is impressing me the most about TRAIL OUT is the crazy amount of race modes that are on offer. I want to share with you a few that have caught my eye. Cross, this is a mode where about halfway through the race, racers will start coming down the track the other way! Hunter, this is a combat mode where you need to get a high score by destroying as many cars as you can. There are also destruction derby type races in derby classic and derby domination. Add to this a bunch of mini-games and other modes and you have a racing game that is stacked with content!

Cars, Cars, Cars!

Of course, what is a racing game without a great selection of cars? TRAIL OUT has over 40 cars for you to drive and these are spread out across different classes. While there are standard cars that you can drive in the game. There is this cool aspect to the game where you are in a junkyard and you can build your very own car from the ground up. As well as a nice selection of cars, there are many different tracks in the game too, they have said that there will be 45 different tracks in the game!

Smashing Two Of The Best Together

While the gameplay and the premise of TRAIL OUT is awesome, I am really digging the presentation of things too. It has a very post-apocalyptic mayhem type vibe going on and the best way I can describe the way the game looks is like they took Motorstorm Apocalypse and Burnout Revenge and smashed them together. It makes for a crazy looking game and the various tracks all seem to have a ton of stuff going on. There are crazy explosions and crashes too and it is made even more epic thanks to a pumping licensed soundtrack.


If you are into over-the-top arcade vehicular combat racers, TRAIL OUT is one of the most interesting and best games of this genre to be released this year. It is showing a ton of promise as I write this and it looks like it is going to be a whole lot of fun. While I am very excited about playing this on my own. I think that the real fun for this game is going to come from the multiplayer experience!


  • This game is one of the craziest racers I have seen in quite some time
  • I love the whole setting of the game
  • It has many different styles of races for you to play
  • It has a single-player story and a robust multiplayer mode too


  • Not sure how long the story will actually be
  • Some of the races can seem a bit on the hectic side which may make it hard to keep track of what is happening

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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