Wild Planet

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a game by Lukyantsev Company
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Wild Planet
Wild Planet
Wild Planet
Wild Planet

Usually, interplanetary city builder games have a tense aura to gameplay. That's not the case with the upcoming Wild Planet. There aren't any pressures of survival, no unknown species to fend off, nor do you have to save humanity. This game's purpose simply is to provide a more casual approach to the city building genre under the sci-fi theme.

The developers of Wild Planer claim this upcoming epic will be all about the chill. Not often do extraterrestrial life and space exploration become aligned with a more relaxed style of game. We are dealing with the unknown, after all. So how do developers plan to achieve that 'chill' factor while maintaining a bit of purpose with the game?

Intergalactic and Chill

If you look into what Wild Planet is trying to offer, it has the visuals of a casual game. The randomly generated planets and environments feature uncomplicated assets and basic character models. However, they offer a stunningly diverse color palette to keep things interesting as you build your new interplanetary home.

It's not all just sitting by the campfire, though. You will have to explore your environment to gather resources to build, craft, and generally survive. Every planet is not uninhabited either. You are going to have to end up facing foes of unknown origin. So the alien blaster aspect of this sci-fi survival dampens the casual element. But you can take solace knowing there are co-op options to settle your planet with friends!

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of Wild Planet is the way the randomized environments tell stories. Players are given 90 days to build their home before a 'wipe' comes into force, changing the planet's landscape and creating challenging events. New dungeons emerge, obstacles arise, and new narratives are forged. It hardly seems like the chilled experience the developers aim to curate.

The unique mechanics of the game are fascinating, but does Wild Planet look that relaxed? For all the intense-looking features of the game, it's the speed that dictates that more laid-back atmosphere. It appears there isn't a lot of pressure to do much, and even the clock expiring doesn't hinder your gameplay too much. However, the complete game in action is yet to be seen.

It's a Space Thing

There is an aura of familiarity to how Wild Planet will function. The open-world gameplay, survival mechanics, visuals, and casualness are reminiscent of Albion Online. The only thing that is missing is the massively multiplayer aspect of it. Wild Planet will be limited to a few co-op players, and of course, the sci-fi theme.


The idea of immersing yourself in a relaxed interplanetary city builder is a good one. Already, there seems to be enough on offer with Wild Planet to pull a fair few players in. The gameplay is liberal enough that players can approach it in any style they wish. So we eagerly await a playable slither of Wild Planet to judge that for ourselves!


  • A stunning concept that pairs sandbox gameplay with sci-fi adventure
  • Casual and accessible gameplay that lets players enjoy their creations
  • Co-op with up to 4-players


  • No release date mentioned
  • Arguable whether the game is as casual as the developers say it is

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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