Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear

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a game by Rare, Ltd.
Platform: GameBoy
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear
Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear
Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear
Wizards & Warriors X: The Fortress of Fear

Kuros the knight warrior is back, this time in black and white on the Game Boy. Travel to the opposite end of the Fortress of Fear in search of Princess Elaine who has been abducted by the evil wizard Malkil. Your quest takes you through castle ruins and up into the clouds where along the way you collect food, keys, gems and magic spells while battling dozens of evil creatures with your Ironsword.

People say:


Wizards and Warriors X brings the Kuros character to the GameBoy and he's not the worst for wear! The action is slow at times, but the game play and graphics are top notch for the portable. A few new features, but for the most part a good rendition of the popular NES title.


All jokes about the numbering system aside, this is a decent action game for GameBoy All we've been seeing lately is GB puzzle games and this cart is a real treat. It plays well considering the system it's on and is definitely worth buying!


I must nave been playing the Lynx all this time, because I missed 3 through 9, but W&W 10 is another good NES conversion on GameBoy. It plays OK, you jump a little more than you want to at times. Nice graphics and stereo sound, 18 levels of challenge and blury scrolling.


A well made action game for GameBoy! Not as detailed as Chapter 6; not as clever as Chapter 8; not as difficult as Chapter 4; not as colorful as Chapter?); not as challenging as Chapter 5; but not as expensive as Chapter 21!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The evil Wizard Malkll is back-and this time he means business! Princess Elaine has vanished, and you fear that Malkll has whisked her away to his dreaded Fortress of Fear at the other side of the treacherous Tangled Woods ofZanifer.

You are Kuros, wielder of the IronSword. Up to now, you're the only one who has successfully challenged the dark powers of Malkll. Can you succeed once again?

The Saga Continues

Wizards & Warriors: The Fortress of Fear is a new one-player Game Boy cart that features great graphics and fast action on a par with Wizards & Warriors, the popular NES version. Ffere you must conquer five levels of the Fortress of Fear, 18 sectors in all.

You'll find magic items plus food and drink along the way to aid you in your quest. Keep an eye peeled fa locked treasure chests. They contain gems and magic, but they can only be opened with a key.

Move It, Kuros!

You can make Kuros move left or right, crouch, jump, swing his sword, and stab. The playing screen displays Kuros' life force, the current level and sector, the number of lives remaining, the number of gems collected, the number of keys collected, and the score.

You begin the game with three lives; however, you'll find miniature Kuros dolls along the way that add one life to your total.

And you'll need every life you can get your hands on! It isn't long before you're bombarded by bats, punctured by arrows, and otherwise mauled by the malicious minions of Malkll.

Looking for Adventure?

Fortress of Fear is a great Game Boy adventure. If you like puzzling levels and fast-paced swordplay, give it a go. But don't let that old Black Magic put you in its spell!


  • At the very beginning ot the first level, move a few steps to the right, jump up to the secontl level, then move as far left as you can. You'll find a key anil a bonus point item.
  • To obtain the Potion of Healing in Level 1-1, go to the lar right ol the lower level, pick up the key, then backtrack to the treasure chest.
  • The chest on the lower tier in the middle of Level 1-0 contains a 1-Up. You can reach it by jumping olf the cloud when it drops to the bottom of the screen.
  • Collect as many gems as you can. For every 10 gems you find, you receive a free man.
  • The top of the wall in Level 1-2, thrust forward with your sword rather than swinging it over your head. Jabbing quickly in front of you keeps the bats and the warriors from touching you.
  • When you lace the Super Bat on Level 1-3, stay on the top left block. The bat comes at you (he's on the same horizontal level as you), so jump to the bottom left block. When the bat flies off-screen, jump back to the top left block. I low the bat flies vertically from top to bottom, disappears, then moves from bottom to top. Hit the bat as it moves in front of you. It takes approximately 8 hits with your sword to defeat the bat. WARNING: Never remain on the same horizontal plane as the bat, on it corners you and does plenty of damage.

This game, although the first of this series for the Game Boy, is actually a follow-up to a series of Wizards & Warriors titles preceding it. In the game, you are Kuros, one of the bravest warriors ever to wield the Iron Sword. Your old enemy, the wizard Malkil, is up to his old tricks again and is suspected of kidnapping Princess Elaine (again, as I said last issue, the woman is always the "object" in these games). In order to put down Malkil's threat, you have to penetrate the Fortress of Fear and seek out Malkil before he is ready to unleash his evil plans on the world.

This game features five "chapters," each composed of several levels. There are a total of 18 levels to master, with your primary objective being survival. You must avoid missiles, fight off attacking creatures and collect magic spells and gems. There's nothing really wrong with this game, but at the same time one can't help but feel that it could be better. The graphics do not tax the Game Boy's abilities and are particularly weak in light of more visually attractive Game Boy titles like Castlevania--The Adventure and Gargoyle's Quest, which use shading for more "realistic" images that outstrip the simple line-drawing look of The Fortress of Fear. Likewise, the sound effects are nothing to get excited about either. In fact, there's very little "pulse-pounding" anything in this game. The enemies are lackluster, and even flying arrows don't seem to have any zip. It's like the world is in slow motion, a laid-back sort of adventure. Too laid-back for me. I'm afraid. Count me out. Next time out we'll take brief ganders at a bunch of newer Game Boy titles, including Mercenary Force, Ghostbusters II, The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle and the delayed-until-next-issue look at Gargoyle's Quest.

That's it for now. Gotta go! So many games, so little time!

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