Yo! Noid

a game by Capcom
Genre: Platformer
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6.2/10, based on 5 reviews
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  • Type: Action
  • Release: Oct. 1990
  • Levels: 14
  • Difficulty: Avg

The friendly looking character from the Domino's Pizza commercials is making his video game debut where the Noid is up against a city full of tricksters lead by the evil Mr Green. You're running down the sidewalks, across the wharf, and up on top of the rooftops in hot pursuit of the jovial jokesters. Armed with your trusty yo-yo, hyper-board, pogo stick and ornithopter you must eliminate the enemy before they get you!

People say:


Yo Noid is the latest in a series of action game blunders that have spilled across NES screens. Sure it has nice graphics and scrolling, but the execution is horrible, making you start at the beginning of each round no matter how far you get. The pizza intermission is also stupid. Average.


Noid is a strange game. It seems more for the younger player but it is too difficult for them. Experienced players will like the challenging game play but not the character. It is going to be one of the 'sleepers' which just won't get the attention it deserves.


While it seems Noid is targeted to a younger age groups it has a high level of challenge that can be appreciated by experienced gamers. Nothing really special as far as concepts go, but solid game play and cute graphics produce another good game from Capcom.


What's worse than stale, cold pizza? Answer, this uneventful, uninteresting and NO for wonder! I wonder why?,... so will you! The pizza eating contest will turn your stomach faster than you can say 'Ninja Turtles'. Yonnoying!

Game Reviews

  • Machine: NEC

The claymation nemesis from the Domino's Pizza commercials is coming home to your Nintendo. In Yo! Noid, however, the Noid is the good guy.

The Noid's mission is to save New York City. New York is in trouble - which is supposed to be unusual in this game. Hooligans are everywhere and the Bronx is having a brownout. Somebody is responsible. Could it be the Noid's evil twin, Mr. Green?

As the Noid, you must work your way through 15 different sections of New York, from the docks up to the rooftops and beyond. Your only weapon is a yo-yo, which you can whip out in a devastating around-the-world twirl that stops the thugs who are trying to stop you.

You've got a few other tricks up your sleeve as well. The Noid has supernatural powers, and throughout the game you'll find magical scrolls that enhance those powers. The large scrolls reveal spells, and the small scrolls add to your magic energy.

To cast whatever spell you've picked up, just press down on the directional pad and hit the B but-ton. Spells affect all enemies on the screen, though multiple enemies usually aren't a problem until the later stages of the game. Therefore, it's a good idea to save your spells for especially difficult places.

Collecting spells and magic energy has other benefits, too. After every other stage, you must face the local Noid in a pizza-eating contest. To win these contests, it helps to have a few secret weapons - such as hot sauce or a pepper shaker - which prevent your opponent from finishing all of his pizza. The number of secret weapons you get depends on how many spells and scrolls you picked up in the previous stage.

While Yo! Noid doesn't take advantage of the Noid character for as much humor as it could, it still uses the character well. The game revolves around its central character more than some other Nintendo games. And while the graphics aren't spectacular, they're suitably cartoonish, and the action is fast and smooth with almost no flicker. Overall, Yo! Noid is a good, solid game.

  • Number of Levels: 14
  • Theme: Action
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Number of Players: 1 & 2
  • Available: November, 1990


Sometime in the near future, the Earth is overrun by the armies of a mysterious and evil leader known only as "Mr. Green". His goals of complete control over the pizza-eating population have led him to take on everyone who stands in his way, including the pizza-loving pile of play-dough, the Noid!

Made famous as the fall guy for Domino's Pizza, Mr. Noid now stars in his very own Nintendo game, going up against the ruthless Mr. Green and his wacky group of opponents.

The game begins by placing you in the lead role as the Noid himself! You must use your jumping skills to overcome the various obstacles that appear along the way as well as jump the pitfalls that frequently appear, to reach the goal of each round. These races, past multiple scrolling backgrounds, are made even more difficult by the various allies of Mr. Green that appear to block your path or otherwise take on the Noid! These attacks range from football-dropping renegades to hard-headed polar bears! The Noid isn't as helpless as he seems either! You can command the Noid to take on the bad guys with a variety of weapons that include a yo-yo that fires ahead and snaps back, to a killer skateboard and even a monster-mashing pogo-stick!

Different weapons appear at different locations within specific levels, giving the Noid even more options! There are even secret attacks that take out all the enemies at once!

  • YO-YO - This is the Noid's primary weapon! It has a limited distance, and is not terribly effective!
  • SKATEBOARD - Radical dude! The Noid hops on his skateboard and tears up the road! Jump on enemies to stop 'em!
  • POCO-STICK - Jump on the bad guys and get rid of 'em! Press the jump button at the same time to skyrocket up!
  • DOUBLE - This power-up multiplies the number of pizzas you choose in the pizza-eating contest by two!
  • HOT SAUCE - At first the rival wins and then YOW!! In the pizza contest this keeps your opponent from scoring!
  • PEPPER - Another way to keep the other Noids from keeping their pizza down. Pepper makes their pizza taste bad!

At the conclusion of certain levels the Noid can take on the local pizza-eating champions sponsored by Mr. Green! Depending on the your skills at collecting power-up items and other icons during each level of play, you will be awarded with different cards to play against the rival Noids! Whoever has the higher pizza card wins and is allowed to consume the difference in pizzas! The first Noid to fulfill his quota of pizza is the winner and takes home the bonus!

Yo Noid!, does enjoy nice graphics, and a good share of action for players of all ages!

  • LEVEL ONE - Start your quest seaside on platforms that rise and fall!
  • LEVEL TWO - The ground turns slippery here! Watch your step or you may fall!
  • LEVEL THREE - The Noid steps on a skateboard for all-new radical action
  • LEVEL FOUR - Above the city, continue the fight for justice (and pizza)!

Good news, Domino's pizza lovers, you no longer have to "avoid the Noid!"

In fact, the infamous pizza-saboteur is about to become the Big Apple's newest hero.

In Capcom's one player adventure our man the Noidster scrambles through 14 levels of New York, including Central Park, the Bronx, and the docklands, in search of a look-alike imposter who's wreckin' his turf -- not to mention the city! With weapons such as a yo yo and a flying Ornithopter at his disposal, Noid zips past big city perils (pigeons, thugs, etc.) in search of his foe.

Hold the Yo Yo, Not the Anchovies

If it's good as gold NES graphics you're after, you'll strike it rich with Yo! Noid. Though he looks like a bunny in red feet-pajamas, Noid is large and well detailed with some great facial expressions. The equally impressive dual scrolling background scenery will really wow you, too.

ProTip: Pause briefly between the gaps in the floating [locks to avoid getting nailed by jumping fish. P.S. Noid can't swim so get to the highest possible platform when the dock bobs down with the tide.

Trouble in the Park

If game-play can be likened to pizza, Noid's is a bit bland.

  • To find the secret bonus area when you're ice skating, go to the second ice platform, located just past the first floating ice platform, and jump up and down.

  • Get as much altitude as possible when you approach an enemy for a Hyper Board attack. If you don't have enough altitude, you won't be able to catch the enemy with your rear wheels and you lose the round.

The challenge isn't bad, in fact, maneuvering the Pizza Crusher and the Hyper Board is pretty tricky. The problem lies with the enemies. There are only two or three different types per level, and they don't attack with much fervor.

Action by the Slice

The long and short of it is that Noid is average. It's not the fieriest game to date, but it's not, by any means, the worst either. The Noid's cartoony animated look and movement is fantastic, and the challenge is definitely there. Maybe the sluggish enemies just better lay off the pizza!

This single-player video game, of a platformer genre, released in the USA in 1990, was developed and published by Capcom.

The Noid does not have a life meter, and every time he contacts with an enemy he loses a life. Levels are also limited in time. Noid is equipped with a short distance yo-yo for offense. But also he can get magic points by collecting scrolls and using them in special attacks for screen clearing, or else enormously rare power-ups. Both its kinds can be found in large scrolls opened with that yo-yo. Extra lives are given at a certain amount of scores. In most levels Noid has to travel on foot, but one of them features a skateboard, another two a gyrocopter. Also the "Pizza Crusher" featured in a part of one of them.

Yo! Noid game has detailed cartoon graphics and sound effects as well.

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