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Toy Story Racer

You are the great Buzz Lightyear, seated at the wheel of a powerful remote control car. Your adrenalin is rushing, the monkeys (yes monkeys!) change from red to green and you’re off.

Call to Power II

When Activision lost the developer behind Civilization 2, but maintained the right to the name, they decided to release Civilization: Call to Power.

Zork: Grand Inquisitor

To avoid this fate, you soon flee to the Great Underground Empire and undertake the quest to depose the Grand Inquisitor and restore magic to the realm.

Star Trek: Away Team

The gameplay combines strategy and action elements, but the action is as slow paced as you like it, as at any point in the game you can pause and issue orders to your crew without real-time pressures.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix

Since so much of THUG 2 is dependant on a solid control system, there was some risk that this whole effort could completely backfire. The good news is that didn't happen.

Alundra 2

One of the first real Action/RPGs on the PlayStation in the U.S. was Working Designs' translation of Alundra.

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Etement contains elements that will come as no surprise for many gamers.

X-Men: Mutant Academy

The X-Men. From comic books to the big screen, these larger than life heroes have been a part of our popular culture for nearly 40 years.

Fantastic 4

That's not to say it's not executed well, because it all works out just fine, but it can be a chore to slog through the missions since they do suffer from repetition and stagnant level design.

Die Hard

The Nakatomi Plaza building has been seized by terrorists who are after millions of dollars in bonds; among the hostages are your wife and child.

Street Hoops

The gameplay issue is the biggest problem to overcome. Once the controls become familiar, the game is reduced to mashing the steal button and chasing after the player with the ball until it's knocked free.

Interstate 82

Styles have changed, music has changed, auto vigilantism has changed.

Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon

Also, there are a couple of new items included: The Horn of Conjuring, and the Shield of Empathy.

Shanghai 2 - Dragon's Eye

The ancient fascination of Mah-Jongg meets the cutting edge of video games in the most captivating strategy game to challenge the Western world - Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye.
Sega Genesis SNES

Supercar Street Challenge

Who hasn’t fantasized about racing around on streets like the local pretty boy, racing around in cool cars and giving your opponents nothing but taillights and exhaust?

Mechwarrior 2

ow here's a game with some power! You'll find that the strategy in MechWarrior 2 will rapidly disintegrate into "Hulk Smash!" after the first few episodes.

Blood Omen: The Legacy of Kain

This quest takes you through seemingly endless worlds with upwards of 170 different enemies scattered throughout.

Dark Reign Expansion: Rise of the Shadowhand

A fleeing freedom guard ship enters a foldgate (a manmade wormhole) and finds itself on the other side of the galaxy with no way to get home. There is a catch to this scenario, the Shadowhand are already here. You can play as either of two new grou..

Stealth ATF (Stealth Eagle)

The ultimate realistic flight simulation that jets players to the skies forcing them to confront dangerous enemy aircraft in fast arcade style action.

Quake Mission Pack 2: The Dissolution of Eternity

Your journey has led you down a path of no return. The acrid smell of death fills the air. And you know that the road ahead may surely lead to your grave.

Ghostbusters 2

Vigo, Scourge of Carpathia, threatens to bite the Big Apple.

Tenchu: Return from Darkness

What's a feudal Japanese Ninja to do? You're looking sharp, sound fantastic and have all of the right stealth skills to attract an army of the faithful ' but you're timing isn't exactly spot on.

Sky Odyssey

Activision invites you to take to the sky in an addictive, action-packed flightsimulation that will test your piloting skills and nerves to their limits.

Ultimate Air Combat

The game story starts when the White House sets an emergency meeting, where they uncover the information that the military authoritarian Don Gwano is using the high revenue from his large oil exports to finance and support his great army and navy.

Spycraft: The Great Game

You are Case Officer Thorn. Your mission: find an assassin who has killed a Russian presidential candidate and is thought to be after the President of the United States next.

Star Trek: Hidden Evil

Deep inside an unusual sector of Federation space called the briar patch, lies the homeworld of the Ba'ku people.

Power Move Pro Wrestling

With the popularity of wrestling leagues like the WCW and the WWF, Power Move Pro Wrestling should prove just as successful.

Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Expansion Pack

The Expansion Pack's main feature happens to also be its weakest one. I can't imagine any but the most hardcore Trekkies enjoying the pointless, plotless, seemingly endless Virtual Voyager option.

Wizards & Warriors

This games hero Kuros, a powerful knight who has entered the woods of Elrond. He has to battle his way through 8 ares of this kingdom in order to save the young and beautiful kingdom's princess.

Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure (Little Big Adventure)

The graphics and sound of this game are well above par, even by today's standards.


It's the future, and the lust for blood that lurks beneath western civilization's thin veneer of humanity has risen and boiled over.

Heavy Gear

There is more than a solid argument that Activision is what made MechWarrior and BattleTech what they are today.

Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword

Lara is visiting her friend Jane's museum of antiquities when some bad guys bust in and steal an ancient sword, which was believed to have been used in rituals of 'dark magic.'


Since our last look at this game Hammerhead has decided to tear it down and rebuild from scratch. We got a chance to check out the new version and it's looking good.

Hexen II: Portal of Praevus

Following the defeat of Eidolon, Thyrion enjoys a time of peace until an unexplained winter comes upon the lands.


A tremendously addicting game that challenges players to the ancient tile game Mah-Jong.
Sega Master System

Return To Zork

Return to Zork is an adventure game of epic proportions.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X is a high flying, trick laden, skateboarding game in a long and impressive franchise from the undisputed ruler of the skateboarding world.

The Three Stooges

This breakthrough comedy hit stars television and movie legends Curly, Larry and Moe.

MechWarrior Mercenaries: 3Dfx Version

The battle among the manufacturers of 3D video cards has in the last year or two become as frenzied and intense as any war among giant motorized units in their huge mechanized combat simulations.

MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries

The birth of the Star League ushered in mankind's Golden Age.

Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle

It is up to you to guide Harry through a unique world of vines, acid pits, lava, dissolving platforms, scorpions and shape-shifting beasts.

Pitfall 32X

A side-scroller in which you play adventurer Pitfall Harry Jr in search of his father Pitfall Harry.
Sega Genesis

Shanghai Triple-Threat

Shanghai has always been a decent mind-boggler.

Predator: Soon the Hunt Will Begin

Predator is a thrilling adaptation of the hit 20th Century Fox film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Intellivision Classics

The age of emulation is upon us. There have been several Atari 2600 and coin-operated emulators for the PlayStation over the past few years, but no way to play your old Intellivision favorites without owning an Inty itself or having a PC.

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

Does the term "launch game" send shivers down your back? Does it instantly conjure up thoughts of video game garbage?

Rally Fusion: Race of Champions

There are a decent number of 'good' driving games out for the Xbox now. I consider myself a driving enthusiast, as I really love racing games.

Tony Hawk Downhill Jam

Imagine racing through a busy city street, jumping on rails and grinding out tricks in order to increase your boost power.


Based on the English marionette TV show of the 60’s, Activision’s newest title is a vertically scrolling action game full of battle sequences set in the air, under water, and even inside a live volcano.

Grand Tour Racing '98

Racing games seem to be the current rage and everyone is looking for a way to make their game roar ahead of the pack.

Rally Fusion

Starting out on the first rung of rally racing, if you're participating in the Race of Champions, you get the lowest rung of rally cars with which to qualify.

Grand Tour 98 Racing

Grand Tour Racing '98 boasts so many options and racing variables that it's hard to believe they crammed it all on one CD-ROM.

Blast Chamber

This is a unique game set in a 3-D cube. The players must race against each other to obtain control of a crystal.

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions

As far as racing games go, I'm a pretty traditional sort of fellow. Give me something with lots of speed, or great handling, in a setting that's either realistic or sci-fi, and you've got a happy camper here.