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a game by Action Square
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Another day, another roguelike enters the fray. Only there's something slightly more intriguing about ANVIL. That's because it's a sci-fi theme as opposed to the fantasy ones we're used to. That means more ranged weapons, space exploration, peculiar environments, and a hell of a lot more. Even though games of the genre are starting to become really samey, you could sell it on those principles.

ANVIL looks like a decent attempt to break the mold of the copy-paste roguelikes seemingly released every week. While no playable demos have been made available just yet, there's plenty of showcasing going on. The quality and polish of gameplay alone make ANVIL a roguelike worth investing in, so let's explore it a little more.

Hammer on the Anvil

There's nothing short of intensity on this upcoming sci-fi roguelike, that's for sure. What grips you almost immediately about the game is the adrenaline-pumped action that reigns in players from the second you hit go. There won't be a hell of a lot of time to explore these mysterious planets. You'll have to massacre enemies and ransack all the treasures behind them.

Admittedly, there doesn't look like there's anything inherently different about the core roguelike mechanics. Players will mosey around each level, slaughtering as many enemies as possible to upgrade characters. The only clear objective at the moment is to garner as much character power as possible so you can be the greatest 'Vault Breaker' in the universe.

However, ANVIL portrays its uniqueness in its visuals. The sci-fi theme is protruded perfectly with stunningly crafted environments donned with immersive character models and fluid animations. The flow and movement of the game offer a more refreshing outlook on roguelike gameplay and boosts the combat to incredibly satisfying levels.

Naturally, the upgrade potential is there to ensure your character can slice through enemies easier. Players will be encouraged to get some friends on board as best enjoyed with co-op. Finally, the randomization of weapons and artifacts keeps things a little interesting. All considered, ANVIL is just another roguelike - but you seriously won't find one with this much polish at present.

Forge Your Future

There's a simple way to describe ANVIL as a game. It's Destiny 2 in a Path of Exile skin. If you speak of the gameplay to someone who hadn't seen the game, they'd wonder why it's so exciting apart from tapping into the sci-fi theme for a roguelike. Should they look at the footage, they'd realize why there are things to be excited about.


ANVIL looks to be one of the most colorful and fluid roguelike experiences. There's been enough showcasing to see that the game will offer a lot of diversity in combat, including strategic battles and intense boss fights. It definitely doesn't seem like single-players would pull too much, but the multiplayer potential is enormous.


  • Sci-fi visuals are stunning
  • Some of the most polished roguelike gameplay you'll find
  • Combat is fierce and adrenaline-filled


  • No release date
  • It may not appeal to those tired of standard roguelike mechanics

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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