Batman & Robin

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a game by Probe Software, and Probe Entertainment Ltd.
Genre: Action
Platforms: Sega CD, Playstation
Editor Rating: 5.8/10, based on 3 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 7 votes
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Batman &  Robin
Batman &  Robin
Batman &  Robin
Batman &  Robin

People say:


Geez...where do I begin with this one. I mean, the game doesn't really have any good points. Well, let's see...the soundtrack is pretty cool, most of the character animation is really natural, and the size of Gotham City is awesome (since exploration is such a big part of the game). That's about it for the good stuff. What irks me the most is how difficult the game is. It's not impossible mind you, but it can be very challenging at times. Now, usually that's a good thing but since Batman & Robin is no fun to play, the challenge turns into annoyance. Graphically Batman & Robin is decent, but often too dark. On top of this, the camera is terrible, swinging around for no apparent reason in some instances and staying stationary in others so you have to control Batman from afar. I can't say I like the control much either, although that can be mostly attributed to the poor camera. Slipping from edges and getting stuck in small rooms is far too easy thanks to the strange places the camera ends up. In addition, the fights are pretty lame (due to control), and the enemy Al is terrible. If I was filthy rich with money laying around (like Bruce Wayne for instance) I still wouldn't buy this. But then again, if I was Bruce Wayne I wouldn't need a Batman game because I'd be Batman, right? I need sleep...


B&R is more than just a mess--it's such a spectacular mess that it's nearly worth buying for the shock value. This game tries to be so many things it does nothing right. Control in the driving portions is awful; you end up ramming enemies more often than shooting 'em (especially when driving the Batmobile). The jumpy camera in the Tomb Raider bits is maddening. You do get a lot of missions, but why put up with the punishment?


This could have been SO brilliant. It's a 3D action game, a driving game, it's got combat, puzzles, detective bits...and the coolest superhero ever. So WHY is it such an infuriating, poorty executed farce with a ridiculously tough learning curve? The one-two combo of terrible controls and stupid camera shifts render it virtually unplayable, and in many places it acts almost as though it isn't finished. Does the movie justice.


Batman & Robin is easily one of the sloppiest releases I've seen in a while. The camera In B&R Is the worst yet in a 3D adventure title, and the game is loaded with glitches and enemy Al problems. The objectives are fairly interesting, but the poor controls coupled with the horrendous graphical presentation make for a frustrating and painful experience. The only worthwhile features are the music and the background environments.

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Sega CD

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

We all know what the old Batman side-scrollers were like--a little like Final Fight, but not quite as fun--and then a new one came to the PlayStation and the Saturn and it was enhanced a bit, but it was still in 2-D (not a bad thing, but like the oldies). This time Batman is still on a 32-Bit console, but now he's in 3-D and stars in something other than a side-scroller!

Acclaim is still the makers of the game and they tried something different than their standard side-scrollers. This time you can go all over the place in a truly 3-D environment, kind of like Tomb Raider, but a lot different. In Batman and Robin, you can jump in the Batmobile and explore Gotham City, going from various building to building trying to put down Freeze.

Even though there's more exploration going on, the game still has plenty of action. After all. Batman wouldn't be Batman if he wasn't kicking somebody's booty. And the same goes for the "Boy Wonder."

The game more or less follows the movie and has the same dark mood, but it doesn't have the real stars in it--only 3-D models that look like them (instead of sprite versions like other Acclaim games).


People say:


The best way I found to swallow the cost of this game is to think of it this way: You're buying a CD full of cartoon episodes with a so-so driving game included to break up the animated sequences. The video quality of the animation is definitely Sega CD quality (read that as pixelated). but that's easier to tolerate than the game, which is nothing more than a very boring driving game that suddenly gets horrifyingly hard at the worst possible moments. Slightly above average.


Batman & Robin is one of the few really good cartoons on television. Too bad I can't say much about this game. Although I am a big fan of driving games. I just couldn't get into this game. The graphics were too pixelated and some oncoming objects hamper your vision of the road too much and that's frustrating, even with the decent play control. The cinemas in between the levels kept me playing. They were very entertaining. This should have been an action game.


Batman & Robin is a decent game for the Sega CD. The graphics are surprisingly good, and the full-motion video, taken directly from the cartoon isn't all that bad. Batman & Robin is loaded with driving action; while fun, tends to get frustrating. It limits itself in what it can throw at you. The trees in the road stop you from seeing ahead, really throwing you off. I'd have to say that this is one of the better Sega CD titles around. Besides, there aren't many CD games around.


At first I thought it was going to be just an upgrade to the Genesis version, but once t found out it was actually a driving game I really wished for the old game back. It's not that the driving is bad. but for a game of this type it gets repetitive and needs a few more weapons. Clearly the best part of the game is the true-to-cartoon cinemas, which are long and reproduced with great voices. Driving fans may take it to heart a bit more than I, but there is no questioning the cinemas.

Acclaim knows that it has to do a better job with Batman.Batman Forever and Batman Forever The Arcade Game were, well...disappointing, to say the least. This time, it looks like they may have finally done it right! Batman and Robin looks spectacular, featuring Resident Evil-type gameplay mixed in with some frenzied fighting action.

In Batman and Robin, you take on various missions as Batman, Robin, or Batgirl to hunt down the notorious Mr. Freeze and the sultry Poison Ivy. Strap in tight because you'll also be able to pilot unique vehicles like the Batmobile, Robin's Redbird motorcycle, or the Bat Hammer through Gotham. Access the Batcomputer, and open the can of Bat-whup on an endless stream of thugs. Screens from this very early alpha may keep you tuned to this Bat channel until November!

Playing Acclaim's long-delayed Batman & Robin is an emotional roller coaster. It starts on a heavy downer: the gut-wrenching low of the horrible film itself combined with memories of Acclaim's last Batman game, Batman Forever. Could it possibly turn out a decent B&R title this time around?

Yet, one glance at B&Rs gothic, highly detailed visuals is enough to turn that frown upside down. The stunning heroes look and move like their celluloid counterparts, while the fully BD, highly elaborate environments--including an immense re-creation of Gotham City--combine with the film's actual score to totally immerse you in the movie's world. Maybe this isn't a Holy Bat Bomb after all?

Ah, foolish optimism, down we go again: To control those gorgeous heroes, you'll face a terribly clumsy interface, which, despite its complexity, still strikes out at bat. Inexplicably, you can't even fire a weapon while you're in combat mode. Makes sense, right? And the descent continues with myriad camera problems, woefully-rendered bad guys, and poor collision detection.

All seems lost, Batfans until, miraculously and despite a steep learning curve, B&R gradually grows on you like Poison Ivy's fungi. Not only can you control all three heroes, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl, but they're also actually doing deductive work (remember that crazy notion of a Dark Knight detective?). And, sure, you have to drive ridiculous lengths while fighting repetitive enemies, but the route winds through a gorgeous Gotham City that was clearly a labor of love. B&R isn't a great game, but its extraeffort design, shows--and hardcore Batman fans will appreciate it.


  • To foil Freeze's diamond , heist, fight his cronies until fte arrives and lowers the diamonds "securityfield--thengrab the stone before Freezedoes!
  • Gotham City has power-ups and clues hidden everywhere. Search bookstores for karate manuals which reveal combos.
  • There are hidden rooms on either side of the door to the inner museum. Throw the switches and run to the opposite side to find passages.

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