Battlefield: Bad Company

Download Battlefield Bad Company and experience the explosive action of this groundbreaking first-person shooter! Join a squad of misfits, engage in epic battles, and dominate the battlefield. Enlist today and play now!
a game by EA DICE
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
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Battlefield: Bad Company
Battlefield: Bad Company
Battlefield: Bad Company

Few games have done as much to change the genre of what a FPS entails as Battlefield: Bad Company has. Before the release, most games in this genre allowed the player one safe haven, finding cover behind walls or inside of buildings. No longer is this the case, with Battlefield Bad Company players have an even further realistic gameplay experience, where destructibility is the name of the game. For the first time within the franchise, you can now blow up the walls, buildings and general surroundings to send your enemies cowering for further cover, flushing them out from behind what they hoped to be safety. This game revolutionised what it means to play a first-person shooter, adding new elements to the players experience and creating a game which keeps you one your toes at all times, no matter how safe you might feel.


As mentioned above, this game took what we know the FPS genre as and brought it to the next level. The destruction aspect of the game was not the only addition to an already sought-after franchise, players find the overall experience to be highly addictive as within the map you will find an abundance of highly explosive items such as barrels and tanks that are sure to explode with your gentle touch. With these aspects, along with a wide array of visually stunning functions, take the experience of a war-based game and make it as realistic as ever.

The little things like hearing a shot from a tank in the distance or a sniper’s muzzle flash, this game is sure to entice new players as well as veterans of this genre. The campaign has never been Battlefields main draw of course, and with this games excellent multiplayer function players can settle the score out on the battlefield, quite literally. Where similar games like Call of Duty rely more on its player vs. player aspect, Battlefield Bad Company provides a heightened experience through destructibility and vehicular warfare.

Graphics, Animations & Audio

The audio of this game is one of its strongest features, somewhat outshining the graphics and animations which is something we seldom see. Not to say these aspects are poor, but some of the visuals and animations can be problematic, specifically in certain situations throughout its campaign and cut scenes. The animations and colorful character profiles within the games campaign keep the players experience light hearted instead of most war-based games where the gritty realities of war are plainly evident. The characters within the games campaign which you work with seem comical at times, making light of the heavy situations they find themselves working out of.


Overall Battlefield Bad Company is one of the most exciting, blood pumping games out there in the FPS genre. The destruction aspect doesn’t seem to get old and adds to the overall player experience every time they play. Multiplayer matches are more intense than ever with the new function, and although there are some aspects of the game that could be considered lackluster this is a highly enjoyable game to play, over and over again.


  • Destruction factor adds to the already amazing gameplay experience, keeping every match fresh and exciting time and time again.
  • Updated graphics and animations paired with a stunning audio aspect throughout the game increase the players adrenaline every step of the way.
  • Both single player campaign and online multiplayer matches are addicting and will leave you wanting more.


  • The game lacks a co-operative campaign mode which denies players to enjoy the story with friends.
  • Comical narratives and sayings from the AI characters in the campaign can take away from the overall gritty experience of warfare, something some players may miss.

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