Download Bloodborne and face the horrors of a gothic city filled with unspeakable nightmares! Survive the brutal combat, uncover dark secrets, and challenge terrifying bosses in this action RPG. Embrace the darkness and play now!
a game by FromSoftware
Platform: Playstation 4 (2015)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 26 votes
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Bloodborne is an exceptionally tough action game developed by FromSoftware, the developers behind other hit titles like Demons Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Like these other acclaimed titles, Bloodborne offers a punishing adventure through a morbid and surprisingly beautiful world. Similar in style to the Dark Souls series, enemies and environmental hazards litter the world, all capable of killing you in one blow. With a rich narrative to discover and tons of gruesome creatures to hunt, Bloodborne is a standout success in the Souls-like genre.

Main Game Features

  • Challenging third-person action gameplay
  • Over 15 giant bosses to battle
  • Mysterious world to explore


Bloodborne takes place in a bloody and bleak world called Yharnam, with the game starting on the fabled “Night of the Hunt”. You play as a custom-made character who has recently arrived in Yharnam as a new hunter, seeking a cure for a disease called Paleblood.

In an effort to discover the cure, you must venture out into the streets, sewers, and ruined buildings of Yharnam, where death waits around every corner. As crazed residents occupy the streets and celebrate the mysterious Night of the Hunt, you must survive long enough or fall victim to your affliction. Much like other Souls-like games, most of the narrative is gleaned through gameplay and by examining the environment, offering a slow-paced story with a lot left to interpretation.


Bloodborne, like many other Souls-like games, is very difficult. There's no “easy” mode to speak of, and the game often gets more challenging as you fail. The main satisfaction in Bloodborne comes from slowly working your way through the game's sprawling levels, finding new items and learning enemy attack patterns. At the start of the game, you're not given much guidance on where to go or what to do. After a bit of exploration, you'll get to choose from a set of melee weapons and guns, then set off to battle in the dangerous world of Yharnam. The game mostly funnels you in one direction, with branching paths that uncover optional enemies and mini-bosses. Dying will happen often, especially at the beginning of the game, so you'll want to play cautiously.

There are many areas to explore, with grotesque creatures to fight and a powerful boss to mark your progress. As you defeat enemies and explore the world, you'll earn a form of currency called blood echoes. You have to be careful though, because if you die at any point, you'll lose all your blood echoes and must travel back to your point of death to recover them. Blood echoes can be used in the hub area known as the Hunter's Dream, which is only accessible from infrequent checkpoints marked by lamp lights. Here, you can upgrade your weapons, buy new gear and items, and take a break from the madness outside. Although you start off as a fresh-faced hunter, you'll quickly become an unstoppable force, destroying creatures and discovering the secrets of Yharnam with confidence.


Although some players might find it too frustrating or obtuse, Bloodborne is extremely satisfying if you take the time to learn its secrets. The combat, although brutally tough, is varied and allows for a variety of play-styles and strategies. The world of Yharnam is also creepy and interesting, encouraging players to continue to delve deeper into its mysterious past. If you have the patience to deal with dying hundreds of times and really learning from those mistakes, you'll find Bloodborne to be one of the best action games around.


Whether you're a veteran of games like Dark Souls or completely new to the genre, Bloodborne is definitely worth checking out.


  • Awesome bosses and enemies
  • Combat feels great
  • The world is interesting to explore


  • The entire experience can be frustrating
  • Lack of guidance
  • Unfair deaths

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Playstation 4

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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