Clone Drone In The Danger Zone

Download Clone Drone in the Danger Zone and fight for survival as a robot gladiator! With addictive gameplay, a unique art style, and intense combat, this indie action game is sure to keep you entertained. Can you survive the Danger Zone? Play now!
a game by Doborog Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.2/10, based on 3 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 68 votes
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Clone Drone In The Danger Zone
Clone Drone In The Danger Zone
Clone Drone In The Danger Zone

If we look way back into history up until the present day, there has always been an interest in live fights being shown to the masses. While it is more modern to see boxing and UFC fights televised to millions, there was once a need for huge arenas and coliseums where two gladiators would duke it out. Well, how about if you replaced the human combatants with sentient robots. Sound good? Well, then you might like Clone Drone In The Danger Zone.

This game is rather similar to a release this year called Spartan Fist in which players would also fight in an arena, power up their combatant and use a variety of platforms, environmental effects and combination attacks to survive through each battle. It’s not a massively populated genre so I think that’s the closest comparison that you might get.

Robot Wars

The gameplay for this game sees you control a rock-em sock-em looking robot wielding a sword and be tasked with taking out all the enemies within a stage. It doesn’t really get much more complex than that and it really doesn’t have to either. The environments begin quite drab and allow you to get a grasp of the controls and combos before throwing you in the deep end.

Once you are acquainted with the game it begins to make the environments more vertical and gives the player more diverse enemies to deal with. It’s a change of pace that is really appreciated and improves the gameplay immensely.

Up for the fight

The enemies become more adept as the stages progress but thankfully, so can you. At the end of each stage, you can descend an elevator to a room that allows you to enhance your robot combatant. You can get new weapons such as the hammer or the ranged bow and arrow. Plus you can add stat buffs and platforming aids such as rocket boosters. These additions help to make the game stay fresh.

What is not all that fresh however is the art style, it’s hard to establish if this is a genuine direction choice or if this is a poorly made aesthetic. Either way, it does look unfinished and janky in areas. It’s not all bad though, as the animations are pretty smooth and the sound quality, while not wonderful, is fine for the setting.

Play with your audience

For all you would-be streamers out there this game has a feature that is very interesting indeed. The game is linked to Twitch so players are able to bet on what happens in the arena and how the player is going to die in battle. Perhaps at the hands of a general archer or swordsman, or alternatively, in the clutches of one of the hulking spider drones. It’s a very unique feature that has allowed this game to get more traction than it perhaps deserves.

Let Battle Commence

Let’s be real for a second. If this game did not have the twitch facilities that it does, I don’t think there would be many eyes on this title. However, that’s not to say this game is without merit. The gameplay although simple is fun. It’s the kind of mindless fun that is sometimes preferred over a thought-provoking puzzle game or action-heavy RPG. It has its place on the market and it delivers this silly, slapstick gameplay rather well.


The art style leaves a lot to be desired with it looking like a laughably more blocky Star Wars Jedi Academy, which is a game from the early 2000’s just for clarity. Plus there is next to no plot present. Yet there is something about this one that will have you donating a few hours to it just for the simple, clean, mindless fun it provides.


  • Varied weapons, enemies and environments
  • Nice animations
  • Good upgrading system
  • Unique twitch audience participation system.


  • The blocky, lazy art style
  • No plot whatsoever

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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