Daytona 2 Battle On The Edge

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a game by Sega
Genre: Racing
Platform: Arcade
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Daytona 2 Battle On The Edge
Daytona 2 Battle On The Edge
Daytona 2 Battle On The Edge
Daytona 2 Battle On The Edge

Ask a video game player what his/her favorite arcade driving game is, and you're to get a response like "Outrun dude, it was the best." OK, now find someone unmarried and beardless and the answer would undoubtedly be Daytona. At the time when it was released back around '94, we had seen very little like it. The graphics on Model 2 were nothing less than stunning, and (most importantly) it just felt right. Jump to 1998, and we've driven just about everything driveable, and with graphics as good or superior to Model 2. Super GT was probably the closest in feel, but it failed to generate anywhere near the hype of Daytona. Can Daytona 2 sell in a market drowning in vehicle-driven simulations?

As with all driving games these days, there is a stand-up and deluxe version of the game, and either can be linked with up to 15 more using a dedicated network. No other game can handle that many players at once. The deluxe version features a new motion system, the Crash Impact Generator that delivers shocks to the player's back and soles of his/her feet upon impact as well as the feel of the engine's rumbling. The development team is the same as it was for the original Daytona, but new designers were brought in for a fresh look. Thorough calculations of tire engineering and physics of motion and power have created a very accurate simulation of stock car vehicles. Daytona 2, however, was created especially for the Model 3 board. There is little doubt that the Model 3 Step 2 hardware is the most powerful graphics engine on the market today. Utilizing this incredible power, Daytona 2 outputs more than 1 million polygons per second--that's rendering power more than twice that of the original.

Daytona 2 has three different car types, each designed for different skill levels. The Easy Chums Gum Racing car is ideal for beginners because it is easy to steer with speeds of 201 mph(AT) and 204 mph(MT). The Scorpio Plasma Racing car can be used by the average player with top speeds of 206 mph(AT) and 208 mph(MT). For the more advanced racers, the Black Phantom Racing car reaches top speeds of 209 mph(AT) and 212 mph(MT) and is fairly hard to drive. There are also three different race modes available: "Beat the Clock," a time-trial race with only the player's car racing around the track; "Real Players Only" where only participating racers' cars are on the track, great for competitions and tournaments.

The last mode is called "No Assist," and it removes the default Auto Assist feature. The Default Mode automatically speeds up the slower cars during linked play; "No Assist" Mode on the other hand allows a straight-up race of tournament winners. A special feature included specifically in the U.S. version is "Extra Coin" Mode, where in Test Mode, if extra coins are dropped in addition to the cost of one game, the player can race extra laps regulated by the test mode (really awesome for practice!). In the Network Mode of linked play, only the players who inserted an equal number of additional coins will be connected on the network.

As we've come to expect from all Sega titles derived from the original Virtua series, players can also switch through four different driving perspectives: front, driver's, rear and bird's-eye. Unfortunately, if anything, the game's soundtrack is likely to be the only downfall, featuring (ahem) a fairly well known band (see below) and Sega's sound staff (that part should be good at least). Daytona 2: Battle on the Edge should just about be out by the time you read this.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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