Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

Download Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and relive the iconic battles of the legendary anime! Unleash powerful attacks, play as your favorite characters, and fight your way through epic sagas. Reach your true potential and play now!
a game by Dimps Corporation, and Bandai Namco Holdings
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3 (2008)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

A year is not complete without a Dragon Ball Z offers. Much like any major franchise, it is a top priority to annually churn out a game that does just enough to feed people's interest. Or at very least give them something to complain about. The anime and manga offerings have long finished - but there is enough lore left over to create one more playable asset. In this particular year, it was Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

Every game tends to do something just a little bit different than before. Most of the time, each Dragon Ball Z game is another fighter using the same characters, stories, and unlockables. Still, fans maintain their dedication to the franchise. It's worth noting that it's hard to remember where a DBZ game was actually bad - I'm sure they are out there ...maybe Burst Limit is one of them?

Quick and to the Point

So what's the deal with Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, and why should this playable incarnation of the franchise be worth your time? The first noticeable aspect is that there is more emphasis on the 3D models - away from 2.5D or cel-shaded past models. It's pretty recognizable in an instant that this visual choice may be for animations to look more flowing and less stiff.

All the traditional fighting mechanics are there with the DBZ flair - it's the drama mode that makes the difference in Burst Limit. Characters will descend into brief, explosive cinematics that showcases all the colors and vibrancy of their abilities. The game will then quickly transition back to the map so you can continue mashing buttons at your leisure.

There are many narratives to complete laid out like episodes of the TV series - each needs to be completed to unlock more characters into the roster. The Burst Limit visuals actually do make quite an improvement over their predecessors, given the affording of quick battle maneuverability. The core issue is that every character seems to have the same skill set bar an ultimate ability.

There is the feeling that there isn't enough to challenge a player, where simply random combinations of buttons would be enough to suffice a victory. That being said, enough is happening on the screen to make the battles very entertaining to watch. There are certainly enough insults being exchanged between characters to garner a laugh or two.

Lots of Burst, Definitely Limits

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit does provide some interesting new developments into the range of fighters the franchise has offered. They are minimal, however. The offering can easily be classified into the 'just another Dragon Ball Z game' category. The visuals are great, the battle mechanics are engaging, but it feels like a lot more could be done with characters and story arcs. Rather than just build up from the previous game, spin something differently.

Burst Limit takes on the vibe of Asura's Wrath, minus the intriguing narrative. Just beat the snot out of your enemies until that health bar is low - no real difficulty curve. If you already have watched the TV show or read comic books - there's nothing offered in the way of the story. It is relatively the same, and there are no hidden plot twists or branching character development.


So here's to another year of Dragon Ball Z, they say - Burst Limit is a fans, publishers, and developers effigy to keep the flame burning. If you need the most up to date Dragon Ball Z fighting experience, then yes, Burst Limit is a must. Not much reason to invest in it otherwise, though - maybe wait until there's something to tickle emotions or present a challenge.


  • Vibrant and colorful visuals
  • Animations flow like no other Dragon Ball Z game
  • Drama modes are excellent additions


  • Not much variation in standard fighting moves
  • Story arcs don't differ much for the show
  • Not particularly challenging battles Fiverr - pixeldrome

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