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a game by Trickster Arts
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Dreadhunter is a badass sci-fi shooter RPG and as I write this it is in early access. The reason that I decided to talk about this today is that I have a buddy who is so into this game and has it already on his game of the year list. When I first saw the trailer, I got hit with flashbacks of about 20 different games… all very good ones! It just has something about it that looks cool and badass which makes you want to get in there and start slaying monsters by the bucket load!

Strive To Survive

That is a bit of an old school WWF reference and if you get it, you are awesome and can continue reading my thoughts on Dreadhunter. I will be honest with you fine folks and tell you that as far as the story goes, I have no freaking idea what in the blue hell is going on here! What I do know is that we play the role of some kind of badass that is zooming around in a messed-up world, killing horde after horde of monsters to survive and thrive in this crazy world. I am very interested to see what the story actually is and how story driven the game is.

Strutting, Cutting, And Killing!

The gameplay of Dreadhunter is what I think is going to make this so addictive for people. The game has very solid controls and we glide around each stage, slaying monsters as we go, picking up loot, and making our way to the boss of each section. The stages are randomly generated so you never know what kind of run you are in for. It is the core gameplay that makes this so much fun as moving around and blasting away enemies or getting in close and melee attacking them to death has a very satisfying feel to it.

Powering Up

I will admit that when I explain to you how Dreadhunter has you picking up loot so that you can improve your equipment and discover what kind of gear and loadout most suits your play style, you will think that this is the same game you have heard about or played a million times before. I know that there are many other games like this, but I honestly feel like it is the control that you have over your sci-fi looking monster hunting badass that sets this apart from the rest. It may have a very similar feel to it, but when the gameplay is so tight and feels so good (that’s what she said!) you just want to keep on playing and playing. The armor pieces, skill trees, and abilities all make you want to keep in pushing forward.

Warhammer, Meet Diablo

I have been trying to figure out what I think Dreadhunter reminds me of as far as the visuals and style go. With this game I get sci-fi and horror vibes, I would say that it is kind of like a Warhammer 40K and Diablo mashup (or 40K and Age of Sigma actually) that we have going on here. The game has a kind of top down/isometric vibe about it and the explosion effects are what stood out the most for me. Some of the areas are a little dark so it can be hard to see, but for the most part, I am really digging the whole style of the game and am excited to see more stages and enemies as they are added to the game.


If games like Vampire Saviors and Hades are your jam, I highly recommend that you give Dreadhunter a shot. I am not sure when the game is going to be fully released and out of early access. However, from what I have seen already, this is one badass and fast paced shooter where an intended 20 minute quick game can easily end up running into the early hours of the morning as it is so addictive!


  • I love the sci-fi/fantasy horror type vibe that the game has going on
  • The gameplay feels tight and that is what makes it so addictive
  • This is the kind of game that is easy to play, but hard to master
  • The loot you get to upgrade yourself with drops at a quick rate, making it even more addictive


  • I am still not sure what the story is
  • Games like this are a bit of an acquired taste

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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