Fable: The Lost Chapters

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Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
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A big hit on the XBox recently, Fable now makes its debut on the PC with The Lost Chapters. With a load of added features, items, and a level not previously on the XBox version, Fable hopes to make the transition more successfully than earlier console ports have.

First off, I need to stress that while Fable: The Lost Chapters looks like a port, it doesn't feel or even play like one. The storyline is the same as the original: Play the life of a character from early youth to wizened veteran. Each decision you make, bad or good, affects the growth and development of your character. Choose good, choose evil, or something in between, and your character will develop into whatever you wish to make of him, and with all of the respective auras and characteristics of good and evil avatars. Shades of Black and White? Maybe, but it's still done elegantly in Fable.

Controlling your character is quite easy, since controls match configurations found in most FPS titles. It's only a matter of a few tweaks to the options to get the configuration that suits you, and exploring the vast world Fable has to offer is quite easy. That being said, the towns, cities and other areas in Fable are richly drawn and well laid out, much like their historic counterparts. Audio is also well done, though someone needs to work on the voice acting a bit. This is, however, a weakness many games have had in the recent past.

Rather than discuss too many of the same things as earlier Xbox reviews, let's discuss the new features: the PC version of Fable offers new levels previously unavailable on console, as well as a host of other items, charms, tattoos and items designed to make your character unique. Whether this is simply eye candy or a nice addition to the game is merely a matter of opinion, though this writer leans more toward the latter.

The only complaint I have is that the game tends to be fairly short, easy to complete rather quickly. However, with the many variations and options you have to create an original character every time you play, it does tend to add to the replay value.

All things being equal, Fable: The Lost Chapters does something I never thought possible: It brings the excitement and life of an excellent game on the console to the PC, and does it well. You can tell the amount of love poured into this game, it really shows. An excellent title for anyone who enjoys adventure games, especially those who like the less linear feel that Fable has to offer.

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